Events in Fortnite usually bring themed cosmetics to the Item Shop, and we are looking forward to potentially seeing some Stranger Things-themed cosmetics.

On July 3, strange things began to happen in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Players began to post images of Stranger Things’ Upside Down portals, which provides more proof that an in-game event could be heading to Fortnite.

There have been previous in-game events around different movies like John Wick and Marvel’s EndGame which all had their own set of cosmetics available in the Item Shop.

Season 3 of Stranger Things premiers on July 4, possibly pointing towards an event date… tomorrow!

Here are some Stranger Things-themed cosmetics we would love to see in Fortnite:


Fans of Stranger Things are very familiar with the predatory creature from the Upside Down.

A demogorgon originates from the alternate dimension and is absolutely horrifying to look at. In fact, the original design might be too scary for Fortnite.

It might be possible that we could see a demogorgon skin with a Fortnite twist, which includes bright colors and cartoonish designs.

Here is a side by side image of the original demogorgon from the show, and a picture of a Funko POP! figure based on the evil creature:

IMG: Netflix / Funko POP!

How cool would it be to have a demogorgon skin that opens up it’s horrifying mouth once you eliminate a player?


Jane ‘Eleven’ Ives is one of the main characters in the show, especially since her psychokinetic and telepathic abilities help save her friends.

One of Eleven’s nicknames from the show is “El Weirdo” given to her by bullies, and oddly enough, popular Fortnite leaker Lucas7Yoshi posted code hinting at a “weird” stranger things cosmetic set headed to the Item Shop.

The set’s name is named “Weird Objects”, and Eleven has been seen using her abilities to send objects flying around her.

Maybe we could see a skin based off of Eleven, with different items floating around the character?

Steve Harrington

Stranger Things revolved around a group of nerdy kids who fight to save their town of Hawkins. Every group of children needs a babysitter, and that is Steve Harrington.

Steve has been a recurring character in the show since season one, growing from a jerky jock into a kindhearted authority figure.

IMG: Netflix

One of Steve’s signature looks has him in a beige jacket and blue jeans while wielding a baseball bat full of nails at the end.

Steve’s iconic look could be turned into a cosmetic set with the baseball bat littered in nails being a pickaxe.

Jim Hopper

Chief of Police Jim Hopper was a major character throughout both seasons of Stranger Things, and we expect nothing but the same for Season 3.

Hopper has a tragic backstory which propels him to be the best protector that Hawkins needs in a leader.

IMG: Netflix

The mustached man eventually went on to adopt Eleven as his own daughter, making them a loyal duo.

Having such an authoritative figure in Fortnite would only lead to more eliminations, right?

Are there any character specific cosmetics from Stranger Things you would like to see in Fortnite? Send us your ideas in the comments below!