There was a hidden detail in the Fortnite X Star Wars announcement video. Could Launch Pads return to Fortnite?

When Epic promised a “big announcement” at the 2019 Game Awards, fans began to buzz about what was coming. Would we be getting some new Christmas cosmetics? A tease for Season 2? A Star Wars fan-favorite character coming to the Item Shop.

When the announcement came, many of us were disappointed. Epic announced the Star Wars screening at Risky Reels – already public knowledge – and the cosmetics that had been in the Item Shop for two hours.

Via: Epic Games

The only new information we received surrounded the TIE Whisper glider. Anyone who watches the event at Risky Reels will get this for free.

If the sound on the TIE Fighter is any indication, though, it won’t get too much use. The TIE Fighter has to be one of the loudest gliders that Epic has ever released.

There was something hidden in the background of the TIE Whisper announcement trailer though – something that few viewers noticed.

Reddit user unofficialdiego pointed out that there was a Launch Pad in the background of the scene. Could the Launch Pad be returning to Fortnite? Will this be the mobility update that some players are asking for?

Via: u/unofficialdiego

Of course, it’s important to note that Epic could have set this up for the scene. They needed the Whisper glider to fly in a certain area, so they might have placed a Launch Pad just to get the shot.

Still, the presence of a Launch Pad makes you wonder whether or not Epic has plans to release it back to the game. I’m guessing that this will be the first mobility item Epic adds – although we might have to wait for Season 2.

Are you happy with the current state of mobility in Fortnite? Would you like Epic to add a movement tool like a Launch Pad? Let us know in the comments.

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