Epic Games and Samsung have once again teamed up to release an exclusive skin to Fortnite players who purchase the new Samsung Galaxy S10+ device.

After being discovered in the Fortnite files quite a long time ago, the K-Pop skin has been officially revealed as a Fortnite x Samsung exclusive for Galaxy S10+ owners.

It’s not-yet known if the originally leaked variant of the skin will be available as a selectable style. Check out all of the details below!

Lead your squad to victory with the new IKONIK outfit. It brings K-Pop finesse to your look. Get IKONIK now when you level up to Samsung’s most powerful gaming device yet – the Galaxy S10+.

Sign up for more information on the Fortnite X event on March 16th, 2019.

Find out how to drop-in on gaming legend, Ninja and K-Pop sensations, iKON for a one-of-a-kind Fortnite X Galaxy S10+ experience. Game on in New York at our Samsung 837 location.

Your Most Powerful Weapon Yet. The Galaxy S10+

Enjoy seamless, long-lasting gameplay with one of Samsung’s most powerful gaming phones yet. The Galaxy S10+ features a lightning-fast 855 Snapdragon processor, an immersive Quad HD 2K display and an All-Day Intelligent Battery¹ that automatically optimizes power based on how you play.

How the Galaxy S10+ levels-up gameplay

All-Day Intelligent Battery

The Galaxy S10+ battery automatically optimizes your power consumption based on how you play. With its sliding scale feature, you can also manually adjust the battery performance for gaming versus power-saving.

Optimized for powerful gaming

For seamless gaming, the Galaxy S10+ features up to 1TB of storage, 8GB of RAM and a lightning fast 855 Snapdragon processor that’s 33% faster than the Note9.

Portable gaming ecosystem

Enjoy immersive sound on the ultra-portable Galaxy Buds or the AKG N700NC headphones. The Galaxy S10+ can even combine with compatible remotes like the Gamevice.

Ready to play?

Already have a Galaxy device? Download Fortnite and enjoy the best Android gaming experience around. Just enable Game Launcher and tap the Fortnite icon to download and drop in.

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