Many new assets have been leaked following the v9.01 Fortnite patch. A new John Wick skin, LTM details, and Challenges have been discovered for the upcoming event!

The all-new John Wick Skin and Back Bling, Limited Time Mode description and details, and more information on the Wick’s Bounty Challenges have been leaked.


The John Wick skin features the suit and tie, modeled exactly after the original John Wick character played by Keanu Reeves. A damaged variant of the skin can also be found in the files. The base skin is expected to be obtained via the Item Shop.


John Wick (Legendary Outfit)

Every action has consequences.


Gold Token (Legendary Back Bling)

Out of unity comes strength.

A John Wick Glider and Wrap can also be found in the files, but what they look like is currently unknown. The following Wick’s Bounty Challenges are also expected to be a part of the LTM.

Lastly, the description of the LTM has been leaked giving players an idea of what to expect. What are your thoughts?

The High Table has opened a new contract. You’re tough but not unstoppable, if you are eliminated three times you are out for good. Stay alive and collect gold tokens by eliminating the other bounty hunters. The first team to reach the required token count wins, but be careful how far ahead you get – token leaders are marked on the map for all to see.

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