Tilted Towers has turned into Gotham City from D.C. Comics, and a whole set of missions are now available for players to complete and earn Batman-themed rewards.

Fortnite leakers were previously able to find hints that a Batman-themed limited-time event could be coming our way soon. With Batman Day landing on September 21, it looks like Fortnite fans will be able to celebrate with Tilted turning into Gotham City.

On September 19, the ‘Gothic’ mission-set became available. There will be seven total missions for players to complete, with one unlocking every 24 hours.

Thanks to data miners, we know all the missions that will be available by the time the event ends on September 26.

  • Deal 500 damage to opponents in a single match
  • Land at Salty Springs or Junk Junction in three different matches
  • Two suppressed weapon eliminations
  • Search an Ammo Box in three different named locations in a single match
  • Search seven chests at Hot Spots
  • Visit Retail Row and The Block in the same match
  • Deal 500 damage with SMGs to opponents

Here are the rewards for completing ‘Gothic’ missions:

  • Complete 1 challenge – 10 Battle Stars
  • Complete 2 challenges – 500 experience
  • Complete 3 challenges – Loading Screen / Secret reward
  • Complete 4 challenges – 10 Battle Stars
  • Complete 5 challenges – 1,000 experience
  • Complete 6 challenges – 10 Battle Stars
  • Complete 7 challenges – 2,000 experience

Once players complete three missions from the ‘Gothic’ set, they will unlock the week seven loading screen that gives a hint on where the secret battle star is hidden.

Be sure to hop in-game and complete the ‘Gothic’ missions before they permanently expire next week! These rewards will not be available again.

Have you been enjoying the Fortnite x Batman crossover? Would you like to see more crossover events or would you like Epic to focus on Fortnite’s main story?