The Batman event in Fortnite Battle Royale has been officially unveiled by Epic Games on September 21 – as part of the Batman Day celebrations.

Leakers first uncovered new game files which pointed to the addition of some Batman-themed items coming to the game, as well as a Gotham City makeover of Tilted Town.

On September 20, Epic Games finally confirmed that the event was a real thing, but didn’t give us any other clues, leaving the full announcement to the next day.

What’s in the Fortnite x Batman event?


As already revealed by leakers, a Catwoman skin is coming, which we think will be one of the most popular.

Unsurprisingly, there will be new skins coming to the game, showing off various Batman characters, from the superhero himself, to his sidekicks and villains.

The Catwoman skin was leaked before the official reveal.

Of course, the Batman skin itself looks incredible too, which comes as part of the Caped Crusader pack.

The Batman pack skin.

Map changes: Gotham City

It wouldn’t be a proper Batman event if there wasn’t some significant map changes too, and the most iconic location is Gotham, which will be transforming Tilted.

IMG: Fortnite

We’ve seen a quick preview of what’s to be expected, but you’ll have to jump into the game yourself to get the full experience.

New items

There’s also a selection of new items on their way, but the main attraction is the ‘Explosive Batarang’, which will seek out players and explode when in proximity.

There’s also what looks like a new variation of the Grapple Gun.

Free Batman games

As part of the collaboration, Epic Games are also offering six Batman games completely free for a week.

So, hop into the Fortnite and explore the new Gotham theme now!

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