Epic Games have finally revealed some information about the upcoming Fortnite x Batman event, making an official news announcement.

As always, the event was slowly reaching fans through a slow stream of leaks, which included things like new items, challenges, rewards, and Tilted Town’s transformation into Batman’s Gotham City.

However, things have finally become clearer as Fortnite Battle Royale creators Epic have given fans something concrete by confirming the date and time of the game’s Batman crossover premiere.

Tilted Town seems to be transforming into Gotham City. IMG: Lucas7Yoshi

When is the Fortnite x Batman reveal?

The upcoming Fortnite x Batman reveal is not far away at all! It takes place just 24 hours after the official announcement, on September 21 at 8:00 AM ET.

For European fans this will be in the early afternoon at 01:00 PM BST and late at night for those based in Australia, starting at 10:00 PM AEST.

Where to watch the Fortnite x Batman reveal?

The first look at the Fortnite x Batman crossover will premiere at the above times on Fortnite’s official YouTube channel and Epic have already prepared the place you need to be.

You can jump to this video to watch the reveal as well as track exactly how far it is from being live. If you connect your Epic Games account to your YouTube account, you can also earn an in-game reward just for watching!

This crossover was likely planned specifically for Batman Day, a day where fans all around the world celebrate the creation of Batman, with this year’s even being especially special due to it being the characters 80th anniversary.

Are you looking forward to the Fortnite x Batman event? What are you hoping will be revealed? Let us know below!

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    • Coicidentally i was on toilet at 430am with a bad stomach ache, so this worked out. It was nothing special. I should have just let my browser opened to reminder video and it would have been the same. waitin for my free crappy item.


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