Weapon Wraps were added into Fortnite with the launch of Season 7, and fans are designing their own concepts with the hope of gaining Epic Games’ attention. 

Several video game fans are familiar with weapon camos from Call of Duty, and Epic Games decided to take a page from the legendary series by implementing Weapon Wraps, which allow players to add personality to their weapons.

Reddit is full of different concepts that fans create, like cosmetic skin sets, emote designs, and more!

The FortniteBR reddit is packed with concepts, and one weapon wrap design caught our eye – an animated rainbow weapon wrap.

animated Rainbow wrap could be nice from FortNiteBR

LusorStan posted a picture of the wrap concept, which is created from a rainbow gradient and the design layout looks similar to the Rainbow Road map from Mario Kart.

Some fans extended the concept by suggesting that the wrap could be a great excuse for a “Nintendo x Fortnite” mashup, and could include exclusive Mario and Luigi skins.

IMG: /r/FortniteBR

The last weapon wrap that was added into Fortnite was the rare blue metallic wrap with the Ice Storm in-game event.

What weapon wraps would you like to see in Fortnite, and do you think Epic will add more with the arrival of Season 8?

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