Fortnite Battle Royale’s tenth season has no kicked off to a great start since Epic added the overpowered BRUTE mech into the game, and the community reached their boiling point on August 9.

Season X has been rough for competitive and casual players as BRUTEs have been plaguing all Battle Royale modes.

One fan-made graph shows analysis that Fortnite’s recent v10.00 content update was one of the worst since Season 8.

Players took their frustrations to Twitter by posting the #removethemech hashtag that eventually went viral, surely drawing Epic’s attention to the matter.

Will Epic Games finally listen to their fanbase?

There was a new Competitive Update Blog published by Epic Games on August 9 that issued the grave statement that BRUTEs would remain in all game modes including Arena.

Fans were outraged by the update and began to post the #removethemech hashtag when it eventually went viral by becoming a top trending hashtag around the world.

Top Fortnite personalities like Turner ‘Tfue Tenney and Jack ‘Courage’ Dunlop went on to post the hashtag, also sharing the same opinion that BRUTE mechs need to enter the vault ASAP.

Even professional organizations that field Fortnite rosters hopped in on the madness.

Epic finally listens is community feedback

Even though the majority of the Fortnite community disapproves of the weaponized mech vehicle, Epic seems to remain adamant on their decision to keep BRUTEs in the game.

Will BRUTEs ruin Fortnite Season X?

On August 10, Epic Games announced via a Reddit post in the FortniteBR sub that BRUTE mechs would not be vaulted, but their spawn rates would take a hit in Arena and Tournament playlists.

While it is certainly a positive step forward, players are still calling for the weaponized vehicle to be vaulted entirely.

It seems like Epic doesn’t want to vault the BRUTE quite yet, but players are getting increasingly upset with the state of Fortnite Battle Royale.