Fortnite Battle Royale’s tenth season has no kicked off to a great start since Epic added the overpowered BRUTE mech into the game, and the community reached their boiling point on August 9.

Season X has been rough for competitive and casual players as BRUTEs have been plaguing all Battle Royale modes.

One fan-made graph shows analysis that Fortnite’s recent v10.00 content update was one of the worst since Season 8.

Players took their frustrations to Twitter by posting the #removethemech hashtag that eventually went viral, surely drawing Epic’s attention to the matter.

Will Epic Games finally listen to their fanbase?

There was a new Competitive Update Blog published by Epic Games on August 9 that issued the grave statement that BRUTEs would remain in all game modes including Arena.

Fans were outraged by the update and began to post the #removethemech hashtag when it eventually went viral by becoming a top trending hashtag around the world.

Top Fortnite personalities like Turner ‘Tfue Tenney and Jack ‘Courage’ Dunlop went on to post the hashtag, also sharing the same opinion that BRUTE mechs need to enter the vault ASAP.

Even professional organizations that field Fortnite rosters hopped in on the madness.

Epic finally listens is community feedback

Even though the majority of the Fortnite community disapproves of the weaponized mech vehicle, Epic seems to remain adamant on their decision to keep BRUTEs in the game.

Will BRUTEs ruin Fortnite Season X?

On August 10, Epic Games announced via a Reddit post in the FortniteBR sub that BRUTE mechs would not be vaulted, but their spawn rates would take a hit in Arena and Tournament playlists.

While it is certainly a positive step forward, players are still calling for the weaponized vehicle to be vaulted entirely.

It seems like Epic doesn’t want to vault the BRUTE quite yet, but players are getting increasingly upset with the state of Fortnite Battle Royale.

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        • I tested turbo building a cone ontop of me vs the mech on 12 ping and you cannot out turbo build the mech. If you are on 0 ping you cant out turbo build the mech it still slips damage in because of how fast the missiles hit in succession of each other. Yes we can complain about things that are extremely overpowered.

          • i didn’t mean to say that you can block the shots with the ping, kinda my bad i didn’t clarify.
            i want them to keep the mech, why ?
            it’s balance agaisnt those that have low ping, since i have to chance agaisnt them with my 81 ping.

          • Thank you for clarifying. And I feel like epic need to work on getting servers in more places so ping is less of an issue. They have the money

          • This isn’t a very good argument. If a game is unplayable.. don’t play it. Being able to lag and still kill people is proof enough that the mech is over powered. I like the mech.. It would make for some interesting creative maps and its easy to kill people in it. It’s a different story when you are running for your life from a Hulk jumping mech that spams rockets.

    • Wrong mindset, yes it has counters but those counters are not strong enough to compete with the value a mech brings. It brings you safe mobility with its 1000hp and 500 dmg burst that CANNOT be built through I tested in playgrounds that if you stood on an unbreakable surface and shot all 10 missiles at someone turbo building cones on themselves while shooting the shotgun you cannot out build the rocket damage, I tested this on ever server to test on multiple different pings. It is heavily overpowered and the fact you can Insta farm and rotate easily with it gives it too much value. This thing needs nerfs in 4 different areas so they may as well just remove it. It’s a problem.

      • Pfft.. the fact you come to me with insults instead of sharing your productive thoughts on the brutes shows me how dense you are 😂

  1. If they really don’t want to get rid of the mech, they can just simply disable it in Arena and apply the reduced spawn rates to the other modes.

  2. Whenever EPIC releases new content, the fortnite community always gets pissed off at them. Why don’t you just tell EPIC to stop making new content?

  3. If I could change it, I would make the rockets charge up to 4-5 rockets, reduce their damage to 20, and also reduce the damage they make to builds (not sure how many tho). The built-in shotty is fine, it requires aim so you can use it, so it’s more skill- based.

          • Honestly I dont even think I’ve killed more then 6 people with the shotgun, I just use it to combo with the rockets

          • Had one land on me and another guy in arena, neither of us heard it while we were fighting till it came flying down from a mountain shooting rockets like this was a Michael bay movie. Both of us died before we could react. Big oof I lost hope in the mech having a counter at that point

          • I’ve also noticed people carrying miniguns now which are a HUGE counter because they dont have any drop off and aren’t accurate enough to beam players from far but just accurate enough to hit a mech at extreme ranges. Literally the only safe counter is to be far away and blow it up lol

          • It has happened to me that I try to go and self destruct a mech that someone is in, but I find out there where 2 people on it, so I get killed by them :(.

          • Yea normally idc what fortnite does, I didn’t get bothered by siphon being removed or all the mobility they took out or the removal of double pump. But this is way different. The disadvantage your at when fighting a mech is just to big. You really just have to get lucky or hope the people dont know how to use it well. Otherwise your screwed had a 30 person end circle and someone had a mech in there builds and as soon as they got in the whole lobby lit the guy up it was kinda funny

          • Saddest thing is Epic is doing it for popularity, they know what they are doing. They are just waiting for the moment to vault the robots so they get praised.

          • THANK YOU, I’ve been saying the same thing. 1 patch is ok, so the player base has time to adapt but 2 patches and no nerfs? This isn’t like siphon where it’s only hardcore players upset this is literally everyone my less skilled friends are complaining, my competitive friends are complaining, some of the bots I play with are complaining. Theres no excuse anymore for it not to at least get nerfed

          • They need to nerf/vault the mechs at some point. It’s way to much, and it’s only been like a week.

          • Epic drops the mechs playerbase hates it
            Apex says hey were gonna test solos on the 13th. I guarantee we will hear about a nerf after or on the 13th.

          • Unfortunately. My trio is pretty good about dealing with them in arena so I’m not worried there but other then arena trios I’m just gonna sit in creative or in team rumble and practice till something gets Done

          • I have faith they will do something soon but I hate being used so they look like the good guys when its finally gone

    • Its cause they shoot at EVERYTHING. lol… If you see a mech.. stay away from it unless you can counter. 🙂 Boogie bombs make the players exit.. You can destroy the top shield to damage the player while the mech stays alive.. and the bottom player in the mech has their body exposed. You can also self destruct an enemies mech. There are plenty of counters. But.. I would be happy if the mech was in creative instead of in competitive matches. Seems like thats where it belongs but they haven’t given it to us yet.

  4. Bruh, just stfu, no one cares that you don’t want it in the game, play creative, make an island, try to get it to be a block bro, just get a fucking hobby and a life instead of just complaining

  5. Did you know that thousands of SEA players are suffering now? Due to Epic shutting down the SEA sub-region server and wanting SEA players to merge with the Middle East.

    Now , SEA players are facing multiple issues , such as an increase in ping and spikes as well as communication issues with random teammates in squads.


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