Fortnite player RizArt made headlines when he set the Fortnite world record with 34 eliminations in Solos.

This feat was made even more impressive when the Japanese player claimed to be just twelve years old.

In a recent video, he has admitted that claim was a lie and he is actually 16 years old.

“I’m very sorry to have not been telling everyone the truth,” he said in the video that has been translated from Japanese. “I am truly ashamed for having lied to all of you.”

“As my subscribers grew in numbers, I kept worrying about how I had to come clean,” he continued. “But it became a situation in which I couldn’t tell the truth.”

His YouTube account boasts 188,000 followers and many likely came thanks to his impressive skill at such a young age.

RizArt has been invited to compete in the $500,000 IEM Katowice tournament at the end of the month. While there, he will take on many of the top names in the game.

As a way to make up for his dishonesty, he has promised to donate three months of revenue from his YouTube channel to charity.

He has held the record for most kills in Solos since November 5th when he went off for 34. Since that point, his channel has exploded with over 100,000 new subscribers in the last three months.

He achieved the world record by utilizing glider redeploy and balloons to third-party players. At the end of the game, RizArt took down 15 of the final 16 players in the game.

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