Young world champion Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf has already proven to the world that he’s the best in the game, but if you’re still not convinced, his latest clutch is yet more evidence.

After scooping up $3 million in New York thanks to his 1st place finish at the Fortnite World Cup, Bugha has exploded on both Twitch and YouTube.

Fans now tune-in in their tens of thousands to watch the young phenom tear it up, and he rarely disappoints, providing examples of his incredible skill every time.

Bugha winning the Fortnite World Cup. Image: Epic Games

His stomping grounds since returning to his home setup has been the Arena Trios playlist, which he has been dominating up against other competitive players.

Left alone in the final moments of a match, with a full team of three left to take out, Bugha made quick work of his opponents, while perfectly managing his position inside the eye of the storm.

His three enemies – New Zealand pro players Abdullah “Parpy” Khudeish, Jahlyn “Jahlyn” Evernden, and Chélan “zoreh” Sherman – were all embarrassed by the North American world champion.

After posting the insane clip to Twitter, other pro players were wowed by Bugha’s play, and even his opponents offered little justification for being outplayed.

Former FaZe pro Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore and former Cloud9 player Nicholas ‘zoof’ Zufan were both seriously impressed.

Zoreh, one of the players taken out in Bugha’s 1v3, joked that his controller was to blame.

Despite winning $3 million (although much of this was lost to taxes), Bugha clearly still has the drive to compete and win more in Fortnite.

Even if he didn’t though, his YouTube and Twitch channels are now so popular, that he could simply go down the full-time streamer and entertainer route instead.