Professional Fortnite esports’ greatest event, the World Cup Finals, arrives in one short month. Epic Games’ new blog reveals more details including a new Pro-Am reveal, Creative finals, and an official schedule.

Competitive Fortnite has been revving up into a full sprint over the last year with the Qualifiers and Skirmishes. As the most exciting finale in gaming history approaches, Epic Games released additional details about the World Cup Finals.

As if the event’s esports line-up wasn’t enough to bring in every fan of Fortnite, a new Pro-Am event will also take place. We’re so excited that we can barely write, so let’s get into the Finals schedule, Pro-Am info, and more.

Fortnite World Cup Finals Schedule Released

Fortnite World Cup
The Fortnite World Cup Finals arrive July 26!

In a new blog post, Epic Games revealed a more comprehensive schedule for the Finals. As expected, the tickets have been completely sold out. Looks like we’re not the only ones looking forward to this event! We hope you managed to grab some seats before the spots were all taken.

It’s certainly a great sign for Fortnite esports that the tickets were all sold more than a month before the event. Of course, you can view the event via the official Fortnite stream. Epic has also confirmed that players will be able to view multiple player perspectives live through the Fortnite client.

Moving onto the Finals schedule, the Finals will be played over two days on July 27th and July 28. The location is the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City. Event start times are as follows:

  • Solos Finals – Saturday, July 27th
    • 6:30 AM PDT/9:30 AM EDT – Fan Festival Begins
    • 8:00 AM PDT/11:00 AM EDT – Finals Show Begins
  • Duos Finals – Sunday, July 28th
    • 6:30 AM PDT/9:30 AM EDT – Fan Festival Begins
    • 8:00 AM PDT/11:00 AM EDT – Finals Show Begins

World Cup Finals Pro-Am Event Announced

A new Pro-Am event arrives at the World Cup Finals – via Epic Games

Hold onto your gliders! Another explosive, star-studded Celebrity Pro-Am event will take place at the World Cup Finals. The latest Pro-Am just took place in June at the Summer Block Party with Airwaks & RL Grime taking home the victory.

In the same blog post, Epic Games gave the details on the Creative Finals & this new Pro-Am event. Attendees for the celebrity spectacle have not yet been revealed. As avid readers will know, Epic used a ‘wave’ reveal system for June’s affair and will likely continue with something similar.

The Creative Finals & Pro-Am will take place a day before the World Cup Finals on July 26th. Both will be played at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in NYC.

  • Creative Finals/Celebrity Pro-Am – Friday, July 26th
    • 6:30 AM PDT/9:30 AM EDT – Fan Festival Begins
    • 8:00 AM PDT/11:00 AM EDT – Show Begins

You can see the original official Epic Games blog post on the Fortnite website.

Epic Games obviously wants to hit home with this gigantic event. As of now, we’ll definitely give it our thumbs up. Top-tier esports, Creative action, and tons of celebrities…what more can you ask for?

We’re sure you can feel this growing enthusiasm. Hot announcements along with a great 9.30 Content Patch have brought a wave of adoration for our favorite game. We’ll see you in the Fortnite stream chat come July 26th!

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