The first week of qualifiers for Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9 began on May 11, and the top 3,000 players across the world made the finals on May 12 to determine who is headed to the New York Fortnite World Cup tournament.

The fifth week of Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers kicked off on May 11, which featured solo play.

Top players from each region will qualify for the $30 million Fortnite World Cup in July.

How to watch

As always, players can tune in to their favorite streamers who are participating this week.

Watch live video from Fortnite on

The official Fortnite channel is also live with in-game analysis and shoutcasting from Sundown, KittyPlays, and CourageJD!

Each region will begin at 4 pm local time and will have three hours to complete ten games.


Week 5 will feature solo play with the top players from Europe, NA East, NA West, Asia, Brazil, and Oceania qualifying for the $30 million Fortnite World Cup tournament.

  • Victory Royale: 10 points
  • 2nd – 5th: 7 points
  • 6th – 15th: 5 points
  • 16th – 25th: 3 points
  • Elimination: 1 point
  • 3-hour session limit
  • 10 match limit


The highest ranked players in each server region will advance to the Fortnite World Cup in New York from July 26 to July 28.

Here is the breakdown for week 5:

  • Europe: 8
  • NA East: 6
  • NA West: 2
  • Asia: 1
  • Brazil: 1
  • Oceania: 1

We will be updating our hub on who has qualified for the Fortnite World Cup throughout each weekend of the Online Opens!

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