The Fortnite World Cup finals are underway and we have all your coverage from the event with up to date results on Twitter @FortniteINTEL.

Still, we want to keep up our usual articles and content during the event. In the back room of the Arthur Ashe stadium, Twitter Gaming had a chance to ask many of the best Fortnite pros an interesting question.

“What is in the perfect first chest to open in a game of Fortnite?”

The answers actually varied a little bit. Between weapons, the most popular choice was the Golden Combat Shotgun, as having a shotgun is the most important weapon if you are being contested by someone else off of spawn.

The second most popular weapon named was the Golden SCAR, one of the premiere weapons in all of Fortnite and the most versatile for any situation.

Ewok signing a shotgun is the best part of this clip by far

The only player to deviate from those two guns was Cizzorz, who wasn’t a World Cup qualifier but still was a huge winner at the event already.

He chose the Heavy Sniper presumably to try to the Double Heavy strategy that is widely considered one of the top duo metas in the game. Still choosing that weapon off of spawn is super bold but we have to respect the dedicated to the quick shot game from Ciz.

As far as utility items of choice, smokes, shields and launch pads were all mentioned as top-tier utility items. Ultimately, if any of the items or weapons they mentioned came out of their first chest, all of these players would be ecstatic.

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