There has been a lot of murky information about the Fortnite World Cup’s schedule in relation to the Season releases. Epic Games set everyone straight with a declarative statement.

The scheduling of Fortnite’s seasonal content has been a big concern for all competitive Fortnite players. The Fortnite World Cup Finals initially appeared to be played during Season 10, but Epic Games has now made an official statement on the issue.

The confusion was caused in large part by Epic Games’ silence on the matter. The plans for the event may have still been in flux a few weeks ago. It seems that Epic has now set up concrete schedules for all players.

Fortnite World Cup Finals to be played on Season 9

Many pro players were afraid that the Finals would be played during Season 10 of Fortnite. If the typical schedule for Fortnite had progressed as normal, the Finals would fall in directly after the end of Season 9.

It now looks like Epic Games will be delaying the end of the Season 9 by a week or so in order to allow the Finals to be played on the last Season 9 patch.

In a statement/reply on Reddit, Epic Games stated that the Finals will be played during Season 9. Now, the World Cup will be limited to only one major map meta change.


DanDaDaDanDan, an Epic employee, refuted the claim that Season 10 (mistakenly marked as S11 by the poster) would begin within hours of the Finals starting.

Most pro players and Fortnite community members thought that this would be the case until now. This is the first statement Epic has made to clarify the schedule of Season 9 and the Finals.

While this does not even remotely fix the entirety of Fortnite esports’ problems, it is an important step forward. Epic may have planned for this to play out as we see today, but there’s a chance that this is an response to community backlash.

Epic Games became the titan it is today by listening to the best of the community throughout 2017 and 2018. Seeing them respond well with a longer Season 9 for the Finals shows their willingness to listen. We hope they’ll continue this track for both the competitive and casual sides of the community.

With this said, Epic’s newest problems for the competitive scene are the game breaking bugs of the Shadow Bomb. Several bugs have been found with the new item and the second Duos World Cup qualifier starts in two days.

Epic has not made any statements on the current status of Shadow Bomb removal or bug fixes.