The Creative World Cup kicked off the festivities in New York but by the end of the event it had mostly been forgotten.

Still, the event really was unique and it was pretty fun to watch. There were some issues with the game modes but in the end Epic introduced three unique minigames that are worth trying out in Fortnite.


Each of those modes will rotate in and become an LTM in the future, that first rotation began with Sky Station Showdown. For people who didn’t watch the event, Sky Station Showdown was Call of Duty style Domination with a Fortnite twist.

Instead of having just one area that everyone had to fight over, teams had to choose which circle to camp in. Circles on the outer edges added points slower than circles towards the middle.

The mode also includes the Infinity Blade which already posed issues with the mode. The Infinity Blade was supposed to add a bit of team play as you needed to protect the person on your team with the blade and target the opponents.

An issue was causing it not to spawn and Epic changed the mode’s scoring to help solve that issue.

Great start from Epic

The next two Creative events will become available as Season X keeps moving along. Junktown Juke will provide a unique take on the Prop Hunt mode Fortnite has already introduced while the Fun Run takes Cizzorz Deathruns and makes them somewhat accomplishable for an everyday person.

These LTM’s are pretty cool and we are looking forward to trying out some of the modes showcased during the World Cup.

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