The Fortnite World Cup will kick-off on Friday, July 26 with the Creative Finals, and we have everything you need to know about the unique event.

To begin the $30 million Fortnite World Cup Finals in New York City, a total of eight teams will battle it out for their share of a $3 million prize pool.

Teams are comprised of a collection of top influencers and streamers, along with their recruits from the online trials.

One of the best parts of the Creative World Cup is that players of many different skill sets can qualify. Using those skills to maximum effect will net them a piece of the $3,000,000 dollar prize pool.

The skills that make you good at random minigames may not be the same as the ones that make people stand out in BR matches which means the Creative World Cup is many players’ best chance to win some money. So far we have seen speedrunning, strategy and trick-shotting.

Fortnite World Cup Creative Final Results

Final results for the Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals

How can I watch the Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals?

The official Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals Pre-Show live stream will begin at 12:30 PM EST on Friday, July 26.

Matches will begin at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST and are expected to last for a few hours.

You can watch the event in-game or on Fortnite’s Twitch stream, embedded below:

Watch live video from Fortnite on

Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals Live Match Results

Set 1 – Skystation Showdown

Match #Winner
Game 1Llama Record Co.
Game 2Funky Fighters
Game 3Raven’s Revenge
Set 1 ChampionFunky Fighters

Set 2 – Junkyard Juke

Match #Winner
Game 1Llama Record Co.
Game 2Chicken Champions
Game 3Chicken Champions
Set 2 ChampionChicken Champions

Set 3 – World Run

Match #Winner
Game 1Raven’s Revenge
Game 2Fish Fam
Game 3Sunshine Soldiers
Set 3 ChampionFish Fam

Set 4 – Golden Games

Match #Winner
Game 1Funky Fighters
Game 2Lil Whip Warriors
Game 3Fish Fam
Set 4 ChampionFish Fam

Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals Game Modes and Rules

The official Fortnite World Cups Creative Finals Game Modes

Set 1 – Skystation Showdown

Skystation Showdown rules

Set 2 – Junkyard Juke

Junkyard Juke rules

Set 3 – World Run

World Run rules

Creative Finals Players & Teams

The Creative Finals will feature eight teams of four players. Each team will be lead by the ‘Captain’ along with their three chosen recruits.

Each team has been given a color and unique name to help viewers differentiate between the teams easily.

Fish Fam, Raven’s Revenge, Llama Record Co, Sunshine Soldiers
Lil Whip Warriors, Cuddle Crew, Chicken Champions, Funky Fighters

Stay up-to-date with everything Fortnite World Cup-related with our dedicated Coverage Hub, which includes schedules, players, rules, and much more!

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