Fortnite Winterfest is coming soon. Here’s everything we know about the event so far based on the leaks we’ve seen.

We first heard of Winterfest through the leaks that came out of Fortnite patch v11.30. Epic subsequently announced the event, and we can now expect it to kick-off as early as this week.

The Winterfest leaks kept rolling in, though, and we now have a bit more information as to what to expect. Data miner @Hypex was able to capture some in-game footage of what the lobby will look like when Winterfest goes live.

A lot of players were complaining that Epic didn’t change the lobby for the season. The plain Chapter 2 Season 1 lobby was getting a bit stale and was do for a rework. It looks like we’re getting a full Christmas theme this year.

Additionally, we’ll be able to open some presents once we get into the lobby. Crackshot is dishing-out the gifts, as you can see from the clip below.

It’s unclear whether these will be random presents or unlockable items within the Winterfest challenges. Could Epic be dipping their toes in the loot box game? We’ll have to wait and see.

Speaking of challenges, we also saw some challenges attached to the Winterfest promotion.


We’ll be getting a batch of challenges for this update; 14, to be exact. Since this number is the same as the 14 Days of Fortnite and 14 Days of Summer, we can safely assume that a new challenge will release each day.

Data miner @iFireMonkey was able to get his hands on the Winterfest challenges early. Here’s what we’ll be completing each day, along with the rewards we can expect to receive.

Via: @iFireMonkey

These challenges seem relatively easy, but they also give away another Winterfest feature: unvaulted weapons. We saw a similar change during the 14 Days of Summer event. Epic will unvault a weapon for us to use each day, replacing it the next.

All of this is a lot to look forward to, and we could be seeing all of these changes as early as tomorrow – not to mention the leaked Polar Legends bundle that should be coming out.

What are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments.

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