Fortnite Winterfest day 2 is now live. Take a look at the challenge guide for all campfire locations, the reward for the day, and the unvaulted weapon.

Winterfest might be the best holiday update that Epic has released. We have plenty of challenges to work through as well as double the rewards when you include the free gifts we receive.

Day 2 is here, and we have you covered with a challenge guide, the unvaulted weapon, and the reward for your daily activity.

Unvaulted weapon: Drum Gun

Epic Games

The patriarch of the spray meta family is back for today as the Drum Gun makes its return to Fortnite. The Drum Gun was one of the more polarizing additions to the game. It was extremely overpowered when it was first released and still too powerful once Epic brought it back.

The Drum Gun was the winner of the ‘Unvaulting Event,’ so many fans clearly have a soft spot for it. In the current meta, though, players will likely choose SMGs over the Drum Gun for more reliable spam-damage.

Challenge: Stoke a Campfire

Fortnite campfire locations
Epic Games

The challenge for Winterfest day 2 has you stoking a Campfire, which is relatively easy once you know where to go. You can stoke a Campfire by lighting it and adding 30 wood.

Here’s an interactive map that includes all of the Campfire spawns thanks to Keep in mind that you don’t have to be injured to use a Campfire, although it might be worth the wait.


Once you stoke the campfire – a challenge that shouldn’t take you too long – you’ll receive the ugly sweater banner for your character.

Banners were never an exciting reward in Fortnite, but they’ve become more attractive since Epic started allowing us to display them more frequently. You can turn one of your banner skins or back bling into a festive holiday outfit with this reward.

So, there you have it. You can quickly complete your day 1 and 2 challenges once you get your hands on a Snowball Launcher.

Which items have you received from the Lodge? Which one are you looking for? Let us know in the comments.

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