The statistics from the Fortnite Winter Royale show the participation and placement distribution from the top regions. The EU region had some of the highest numbers.

The prize pool for the Fortnite Winter Royale was a hot topic when Epic first announced the tournament. Many pros complained that it was too low since the distribution was based on participation and split across all platforms.


Epic was still paying out millions of dollars, but it was more dispersed than pro players wanted to see. A lot of the pros treated the competition more like a Duo Cash Cup weekend rather than a full-blown Fortnite tournament.

Fortnite coach @ArcaneCG ran the numbers on the Winter Royale and found that EU had the highest participation by far. These stats supported claims that this region should receive a higher prize pool. Surprisingly, EU had over 80,000 more participants than NA-East did.

Via: @ArcaneCG

The same was true when you looked at the participation by platform. There were 316,000 console participants in EU while only 203,000 in the NA-East region. The EU PC players more than doubled that of NA-East as well.

The EU region includes more players than NA-East since nearly half of the North American players play on NA-West. This is part of the reason that so many pro players in the EU region were calling for a higher prize pool.

Via: @ArcaneCG

Additionally, the EU players who moved over to NAE performed a lot better than NAE players moving to EU. Only two NAE teams placed in the top 30 on EU while 18 EU teams placed in the top 30 while playing on NAE.

It’s unclear whether or not more of the top EU teams played on NAE rather than the other way around. Still, these statistics show that the EU region might have a leg up on the NAE competition.

Via: @ArcaneCG

Fans and players still debate which region is the most skilled. The numbers show that there are more overall competitors in the EU region and there might even be more top teams.

It would be interesting to see the viewership numbers for the Winter Royale as well – since this likely has a hand in dictating the prize pool. The most-viewed players – even if they aren’t the most skilled – seem to be coming from NAE rather than EU.

What do you think about the prize pool distribution for the Winter Royale and for future tournaments? Let us know in the comments.

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