Epic has drastically increased the Fortnite Winter Royale prize pool because of the massive amount of interest surrounding the event.

Competitive Fortnite never seems to take a break. We just got finished with the Fortnite Champion Series, and we’re already into the Winter Royale 2019 competition.


The Winter Royale was a major tournament last year, with online qualifiers and a large production on the final day. This year, Epic is treating it a lot more like a Cash Cup than anything else.

This was evidenced by the prize pool for the event. First place only got a few thousand dollars while mobile players in high-profile regions were earning more than PC players in NA-West. A few pro players spoke out about this discrepancy.

On December 19, Epic announced their decision to increase the prize pool for the Fortnite Winter Royale. They didn’t increase the top-end winnings, but rather expanded the number of players who wind up in the money.

The NA-East winner will still get $8,000, but you can now win $400 as long as you wind up in the top 1,500 players. In Europe, you can win $400 by placing in the top 2,500.

This increase likely won’t satisfy people like Mongraal, Aqua, and others who have complained. It’s still a positive change for competitive Fortnite. The more players winning money, the better.

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