Fortnite players have started to notice a strange broadcast hitting the projection screen in Risky Reels. What’s going on in this location?

Risky Reels is one of the best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 2. It’s a central location with a ton of loot and materials, making it a hotbed for competitive players.

Those who landed here earlier today, however, saw something odd on the projector screen. There was a bouncing llama on a two-minute loop on a backdrop that echoed the classic “error” message we’d see on old televisions.

Playstation players were the first people to see this message, then a hotfix enabled it on PC. It was disabled a few hours after it went up with no explanation from anyone associated with Epic.

What does this mean? Was it a test for something bigger?

There are a few theories floating around about this – all of which revolve around streaming. Epic was testing the capabilities of the stream, which could allow them to stream events, promotions, and even highlight community members. We could be in store for an in-game watch party at some point.

One of the leading theories involves Epic’s new game Battle Breakers. Epic is notorious for mixing their titles together, so they could be bringing their new mobile game to the Fortnite world.

What do you think is happening in Risky Reels? Let us know in the comments.

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