Fortnite concepts come in all shapes and sizes, but a whale sea captain is something new and unique.

With two selectable styles, one for a deckhand and one for a captain, this concept would make a lot of people eye their V-Bucks.

They each come with full outfits, the deckhand has a corncob pipe for a pickaxe and the captain has a harpoon. The deckhand is rocking a fishnet glider while the captain has a full sail taking him towards land.

The concept was created by JinxXParodys (Battlefield76 on Reddit) who drew this and posted it to their Instagram page.

A series of posts on Reddit were deleted by Battlefield76 but the artist plans to repost the entire series and add a new female variant when they decide to republish them on Reddit.

Another part of the series was a digital redesign based off of Battlefield76’s original design by yg99.

Whale Trooper in two styles

The digital redesign is a nice step forward bringing the concept off of the paper and closer to something we would see dropping into a game.

What are your thoughts on this concept? Feels like a cross between the Salty Spitoon and Moby Dick to me.

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