Vending Machines were introduced into Fortnite back in Season 8, and one Redditor has an idea on how to make them more useful.

When Vending Machines were initially added into Fortnite Battle Royale, players were able to exchange materials for a weapon or item displayed in the machine.

Since then, Vending Machines have received an update that only allowed players to use the vending machine one time before it self-destructs.


Even though the machines can be extremely useful, the fact that they disappear after one use makes them less effective in Trio play.

A Redditor posted their concept on how to upgrade Vending Machines, and even Epic Games were impressed by the idea.

Vending Machines with materials?

On August 26, brukfu posted a graphic within the FortniteBR subreddit where they suggested that instead of Vending Machines just offering items and weapons, they could offer materials as well.

IMG: brukfu

In the concept, Vending Machine rarities would offer a certain amount of materials:

  • Common – 150 materials
  • Rare – 250 materials
  • Legendary – 500 materials

Uncommon and Common Vending Machines were removed back in Season 8, so the only rarities available are now rare, epic, and legendary.

One of the lead designers who works on Fortnite, Epic Eric, even dropped by the reddit post to offer his praise.

With BRUTEs still remaining in Fortnite, maybe a new option to earn materials wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Do you think this Vending Machine update would be a helpful addition, or would you rather see a whole new dispensation item added into Fortnite?