According to an anonymous source, major updates will be implemented for all vehicles in Fortnite leading up to the Fortnite World Cup in July.

Fortnite competitive players have not had a positive attitude towards Epic Games lately due to several controversial changes being added into the game days before qualifiers kick off for the Fortnite World Cup.

Epic recently announced that all competitions will be played on native resolution, with the majority of competitive players previously playing on stretched resolution.

What changes are headed to Fortnite’s vehicles?

An anonymous source reported to FortniteNews that there are major updates coming that will severely impact every vehicle in Fortnite.

The source showed a picture to FortniteNews that “in an upcoming update – most likely v8.30 – every vehicle in the game will be getting tweaked or changed.”

IMG: FortniteNews

The exact changes are not noted by the source, however, they do hint that “changes are expected to be quite noticeable in terms of handling, controls, etc. and will require players to get accustomed to them.”

Hopefully Epic Games will provide a place for players to practice with the newly tweaked vehicles, maybe a custom Creative mode or map.

How will this effect the Fortnite World Cup?

The current meta of v8.20 is based around rotating with vehicles and depending on The Baller for protection at the end-game.

With Epic Games implementing changes to vehicles with update v8.30, which should be arriving on April 9 or April 10, that leaves players with about 4 days to prepare for the first week of World Cup qualifiers.

There are 10 weeks of online qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup, which begin on April 13, and offer a $1 million in cash prizes each week.

With the previous announcement of banning stretched res from competitive play, Fortnite pro morale is at an all-time low.

If this anonymous source stands to be correct, we don’t see Fortnite competitive players rejoicing.