Epic Games appear to be ramping up towards a Valentine’s Day event to close out Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 1 after a number of never-before-seen cosmetics were leaked following the v11.50 update.

It doesn’t matter how many skins and cosmetics the developers manage to fit in Fortnite each season, fans are always really keen to find out what’s coming next – as we seen with previous leaks for different crossovers and the likes.


In the near future, however, it look like players can expect not just an event to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but also a crossover that’s been teased with Harley Quinn as well, which will no doubt be exciting news for fans of the DC character.

After the v11.50 patch rolled out on February 5, Fortnite data miners got quickly to work on trying to find what was coming next in the free-to-play game and hit the jackpot when Quinn and other Valentine’s Day skins were found in the data files.

Fortnite have done Valentine’s Day events in the past. Via Epic Games

The full list of leaked skins and cosmetics can be seen below, courtesy of HYPEX.

Fortnite v11.50 leaked skins and cosmetics

Fortnite Valentine’s Day event leaks

As seen here, there are a number of love-related skins and cosmetics lined up for a future release, which would appear to confirm plans for a Valentine’s Day event – as many expected.

But, there’s more. How good does Harley Quinn look in Fortnite!

Harley Quinn leaked Fortnite skin

Two loading screens have also been leaked by the data miner, as seen below.

Leaked loading screens

So, it only looks like a matter of time before we might get not one, but two events in Fortnite. Which one are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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