In what will likely be the final update for Fortnite Season 9, downtime has been announced for what promises to be a massive update.

This will be one of the largest updates in terms of importance for Fortnite for quite some time. This update will bring in the data files preparing for the upcoming Cattus event, expect to see a flurry of leaks tomorrow as people parse the new content.

In addition, this update will be the patch that the Fortnite World Cup is played on. There may be a content update next week, but that will likely be much smaller than this update.

Whatever bugs Epic chooses to fix will be important for the event and if any new bugs are created, Epic won’t have a lot of time to implement a fix before the LAN.

Fortnite’s v9.40 Update is coming at 4 AM ET (0800 UTC) on Wednesday, July 17.

What to expect from Fortnite v9.40 Update

We know at least one key addition to the game coming in the update. That would be the title picture, new rarities of the Tac Shotgun. With Epic and Legendary variants coming of one of Fortnites most iconic weapons, the shotgun meta has returned to pretty healthy state.

In fact, after a lull in shotguns for a while, the pendulum may have swung too far in the other direction making shotguns very common. This is likely a choice to help bolster the Fortnite World Cup. In pro play, not having a shotgun can often make up any difference in skill. Epic wants to make sure the patch the World Cup is played on has the most fair meta possible.

We also know Epic is planning to fix the shield particle bug. Last week this was an issue targeted by Tfue and an Epic dev called fixing the bug a “priority fix” in v9.40. We can also expect other bugs to be fixed during this update as any issue with the game will be under an intense microscope in just 11 days.

Weapons or items may be vaulted as well. We can only speculate on which ones will be taken down, but given the focus on competitive it feels like Storm Flips or Heavy Snipers are the most likely candidates to head to the vault.

Finally, expect to see some audio improvements. Epic has promised to improve the audio in various situations during Season 9 and they are running out of time. It would make sense for them to wait as they will likely want to roll out a new audio system all at once and there are always ways to improve. They better get it right however, if any issues are introduced it could be catastrophic for the World Cup.

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