This week’s update is coming earlier than usual and is bringing an interesting new item.

Usually, we have a good idea of what the new item or weapon being added to the game will be, but this week the teaser is a surprise.

It appears that Fortnite will have a new consumable, likely a shield or health regeneration of some sort coming to the game.

No one seems to know what that “refreshing new beverage” will be at this point.

Most consumables have something to do with health or shield, but that doesn’t mean this one has to be as well.

Downtime begins earlier than usual, possibly indicating a larger update.

Fortnite players on the west coast who enjoying playing late at night will have their sessions interrupted as the downtime will begin at 1 AM PT this evening (tomorrow morning.)

Trying to figure out what this beverage will do is like throwing blindfolded darts at Epic HQ but the replies to the Fortnite tweet had at least one good guess.

That seems like a solid guess at it. Not sure if Nick has any inside info or not, but bringing the beverage that was featured in the Season 9 cinematic into the game makes a lot of sense.

There might be more theories in the replies but the scam-filled retweets for skins became to much to keep scrolling through.

What do you think is coming to the game in v9.30? Or what do you think might get vaulted when the update goes live tomorrow?

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