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Fortnite v8.40 Patch Notes – New Infantry Rifles, Air Royale, and more



The Fortnite v8.40 patch is now live on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. This update brings two new Infantry Rifle variants, the all-new Air Royale Limited Time Mode, and more!

This patch includes the return of the X-4 Stormwing Plane in the form of a Limited Time Mode. What are your thoughts?

Check out the full Patch Notes blog post from Epic Games below…



Air Royale Limited Time Mode
Pilot the X-4 Stormwing in this Limited Time Mode as you fight to become the last plane flying! Complete free Challenges to unlock brand new Wraps as you rule the skies.


Infantry Rifle
New rarities for this precise, semi-automatic weapon are available now! Find and wield the Epic/Legendary variants and deliver accurate fire downrange.



Climb aboard a plane and take to the skies in this fast-paced mode where players fight to be the last one flying!

Mode Details

  • Air Royale is lifting off as a Duos-only mode.
  • Each plane has 3 lives, players will respawn until they lose their plane’s last life.
  • Touching the ground will instantly eliminate players.
  • Parking a plane on the ground for more than a few seconds will cause it to explode – stay airborne!
  • Hijacking another team’s plane will add that plane to your existing number of plane lives (and cost the team who lost the plane a life).
  • The storm has a ceiling that gradually lowers during the match. Be careful not to fly too high late in the match!
  • Loot chests of five different rarities will fall from the sky, allowing players to upgrade the guns they are carrying as well as boosting their plane’s weapons for a short time.
    • To receive the contents of a Chest, simply fly through it.
  • If players receive loot from a Chest containing a weapon they already have that’s of the same or worse quality, they’ll receive additional ammo.
    • Chests with higher quality guns will automatically replace the lower quality weapon that’s being carried.
  • Floating repair kits can also be found, these heal damaged planes and grant health & shields to players.



  • Two teams on either side of the map. A huge barrier down the middle. Lava steadily rising up from below. Build a fort to protect your restaurant mascot. When the Barrier lowers, destroy the enemy’s mascot and then eliminate the remaining enemies to win the match!

Mode Details

  • An impassable barrier will be spawned along the center of the map for the first several minutes. Lava starts rising from beneath the map a few minutes into the match.
  • Each team will have an under-construction restaurant near the center of the map. Inside is a giant mascot head representing that team.
  • If the mascot head is destroyed, that team loses the ability to respawn when eliminated.
  • Players should use the time that the barrier is up to construct a defensive fortress around their restaurant.
  • As soon as the barrier lowers, fight to take out their mascot before they destroy yours!
  • Special red supply drops spawn at match start. These hold a handful of weapons, ammo, consumables, traps and a few hundred metal building materials.
  • Players will respawn when eliminated, keeping their inventory & dropping some ammo and resources.
  • 100 percent extra resources are gained from farming.
  • Building resources found on the ground increased from 30 to 50 per instance.
  • No explosive weapons or items are in this mode.
  • A small amount of free building materials are granted to each player every second.
  • The restaurants are now much higher, requiring players to build up to them.
  • May the best food win!


  • Egg Launcher
    • Everyone’s favorite egg-themed Grenade Launcher skin is back!
    • This is a visual only change for the Grenade Launcher.
  • Infantry Rifle
    • Added Epic and Legendary Infantry Rifle variants.
    • Deals 42/44 damage.
    • Can be found from Floor Loot, Chests, Supply Drops and Vending Machines.
    • Uses Medium Ammo.


  • You can now pet the dog… and other Pets!
  • The Battle Pass Friend XP Bonus has been upgraded!
    • Instead of giving a small XP boost to each friend in your party, you now get a larger XP boost for partying with one or more friends.
    • The overall total XP Bonus remains the same (120%) and will now be much easier to keep active
    • In short, play any match with any number of friends and you’ll be getting the same amount of XP as someone who’s been playing with a full squad of Battle-Pass-owning friends.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Season 8 trailer wouldn’t play in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the embers from environmental Campfires would linger if the floor they were attached to was destroyed.
  • Fixed issue where Coconuts could not be pinged.
  • Fixed an issue where turbo building could stop if you ran out of the current type of material you were using.
  • Fixed an issue with Traps being be placed inside walls, making them difficult to see.
  • Fixed an issue with Traps being placed inconsistently when auto-placed.
  • Fixed ‘Emotes’ not playing when bound to specific keys.
  • Fixed an issue when using ‘Replay Last Emote’ before using any other emote, so it now plays the emote in the default slot.


  • New Tournament – April 20 & 21: Fortnite World Cup Online Open Week 2 ($1,000,000 total prize pool!)
    • Top performers in each server region will qualify to the Fortnite World Cup Finals in New York City.  Full Fortnite World Cup details and official rules can be found here:
    • Duos Game Mode
    • Participation in this event requires both players to have reached Champion League in Arena.
    • Region Lock is in effect – players may only participate in the qualifier for a single server region each week of the Online Opens. The server region of the first match entered for that weekend’s tournament will be the one the player will be locked into for that entire weekend.
    • Format:
      • April 20 – Round One: All Eligible Players.
      • April 21 – Round Two: Top 1500 Teams from Round One.
  • Added Fortnite World Cup Qualifier slots onto the prize breakout for Online Open tournaments.
  • Visual improvements for Lobby panel during Online Open tournaments.
  • Updated how Anonymous Mode works in tournaments to provide an improved experience for stream viewers while still protecting streamers.
    • When a player is eliminated, their name will be shown in the elimination feed.
    • When a player eliminates an opponent, their name will be shown to the eliminated player only.
  • Maximum Screen Aspect Ratio can no longer be greater than 16:9.


  • Resolved a performance regression occurring on PCs with less than quad-core CPUs.
    • If you’re still experiencing performance issues on PC, try manually adding the “NoRHIThread” to the Epic Games Launcher settings for Fortnite.


  • Increased the size and intensity of the Boom Bow explosion effects to better represent the damage radius.


  • Adjusted the attenuation of the Reboot Van cooldown and Reboot Chip ambient looping audio, so that it’s not as loud.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Shotgun equip sounds to occasionally not play.


  • Mimic!  When bringing up your emote wheel there’s now an option that appears if you’re looking at another player doing an emote you own, to allow you to play the same emote.
  • When hiding HUD elements in the options, some of them now collapse to free up the space they were taking up – the minimap for example.
  • There’s now a HUD UI option to hide the vehicle control hints.

Bug Fixes

  • The Limited Time Mode Victory screen is no longer pushed out of place on mobile/Switch.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where drone speed was not saved when scrubbing
  • Fixed an issue where scrubbing a replay while in Drone Attach mode would result in the camera being left behind.


  • Updated the Baller controls on default and custom HUDs.
    • Baller controls are available to be adjusted in the HUD Layout Tool for custom HUD players.
  • Audiovisual shot indicators will no longer display for players in the same vehicle.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Android app icon being incorrectly displayed.
  • Fixed an issue with Voice Chat while spectating
    • Push-To-Talk button is also no longer hidden while spectating
  • Fixed an issue where Auto-run would not activate in vehicles.
  • Fixed an issue where the Reboot Card description was missing.
  • Fixed an issue where the Arena overview panel was not displaying.
  • Fixed an issue with the FPS counter being shown twice.
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon icon would not display in inventory hot bar sometimes.
  • Fixed an issue where textures would appear stretched when on a Creative Island.
  • Fixed an issue that displayed a checkmark icon on certain commands of vehicles.
  • Fixed an issue where a second storm wall would appear in the desert biome during the first closing period.
  • Fixed an issue where some chests could not be opened.
  • Fixed issues where weak wifi halted gameplay and could cause some disconnects.



Explosive Device
Destruction and demolition are made easy with The Explosive Device, now in Creative Mode.


Scoreboard Customization 
Customize the in-game scoreboard in new ways! Open the “My Island” menu to discover the different possibilities.



  • When on the Hub, Featured Island portals now appear as doorways to these featured games.
  • Simplified the text above the portals to show the Creator’s name and the Island’s name.
    • Approaching the portal will cause a description for the game to animate into view.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the player’s character would face the wrong direction when starting a game.
  • Fixed an issue where games could be started simultaneously on different islands when initiated by a player in the same server.
  • Fixed an issue where players could damage each other after the scoreboard appears.
  • Fixed an issue where players who join a match that’s in progress would not see progressive Outfit changes on the Peely Outfit.
  • Fixed an issue where some players were unable to aim down sight when playing games.
  • Fixed an issue where players would be scored as “Knocked Down” while spawning into a game in progress.
  • Fixed an issue where Reboot Cards were incorrectly appearing in Creative games.


  • Infantry Rifle
    • Epic and Legendary Infantry Rifle variants
      • Deals 42, 44 damage


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a bright blue light would appear while copying and pasting objects with the Phone.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not enter Build Mode when the Phone was equipped, while using a controller.
  • Known issue: Delete sound effect plays twice when deleting an object.


  • Updated Car Gallery A with a Submarine, Arctic Submarine and Helicopter.
  • Updated the Jungle Temple Props Gallery with 3 different sized Moai Statues.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in the Military Behemoth where external wall vents could appear to be floating.
  • Fixed an issue in the Military Behemoth where players could unintentionally drop off some stairways.
  • Fixed an issue where Military Gallery B Blue had a couple of building pieces showing up as red.
  • Fixed an issue where the collision box was too large around some assets in the Ring Gallery.


  • All new Explosive Device
    • When damaged during a game, the device will explode and damage objects and players around it
    • Limited to 100 Explosive Devices per island
    • Modify the following options:
      • Player Damage – The amount of damage inflicted on surrounding players (0, 2, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, elimination)
      • Structure Damage – The amount of damage inflicted on surrounding structures (0, 5, 25, 50, 100, 500, 1000)
      • Damage Indestructible Buildings – Turning on this option will destroy buildings, even if “Building Damage In Game” is “Off”..
      • Health – The health of the Explosive Device (1, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000)
      • Blast Radius – How far the explosion will reach from the point of origin (0.25, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3)
      • Knockback – How forceful the explosion will be at knocking back players (off, low, medium, high, very high, super high)
      • Ignore Team For Damage – Turn on to ignore a specified team when dealing damage (none, 1-16)
      • Explode on Proximity Range –  Turn on to explode when a player is at a set distance from the device (off, 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
      • Ignore Team For Proximity – Turn on to ignore a specified team when entering designated proximity range (none, 1-16)
      • Time To Detonation From Game Start –  Turn on to start a timer for automatic detonation when a game starts (off, 5 sec, 10 sec, 15 sec, 30 sec, 1 min, 2 min, 5 min, 10 min, 30 min, 1 hr)
  • Creature Spawner has been updated to visualize the spawn radius around the device.
  • Added a “Spawn Through Walls” option to the Creature Spawner.
    • Turning this off will prevent creatures from being spawned on the other side of walls.
  • Added “Preferred Spawn Location” option to the Creature Spawner with “At Max Distance” or “Random” options.
    • “At Max Distance” will spawn creatures at the edge of the Max Spawn Distance.
    • “Random” will spawn them at random points within the spawn radius.
  • For the following devices, turning “Visualization” off will hide the device immediately upon starting a game, instead of waiting for the game start countdown to finish.
    • Barrier
    • Damage Volume
    • Player Checkpoint Plate
    • Player Spawn
    • Item Spawner
    • Radio
    • Music Sequencer

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Billboard had improper collision when reloading the Island or copying with the creative tool.
  • Fixed an issue where the Item Spawner “Time Before Initial Spawn” option was not functioning as intended.
  • Fixed an issue with the Shooting Gallery that would prevent players from hitting the bullseye on some targets.
  • Fixed an issue with the Shooting Gallery where you couldn’t hit the bullseye until you had started a game.
  • Fixed an issue with the Shooting Gallery that prevented sniper rifles from being able to register hits on the bullseye.
  • Clarified the units of time (eg. seconds, minutes) for related options on the Target Dummy Track in the Shooting Gallery.
  • Fixed an issue where the Target Dummy “Proximity Pop Up Range” setting only triggered at half the expected distance.
  • Fixed an issue where the Billboard was causing stretched textures to appear on player’s Islands when playing on mobile devices.
  • Fixed an issue where the player character’s head would appear floating over the Cannon when attempting to fly while inside.
  • Fixed an issue with the Capture Area device having inconsistent collision around the base.
  • Fixed an issue where the Creature Spawner destruction animation would trigger even though visibility was set to “Off”.


  • “UI Settings” can be found in the “My Island” menu.  Providing the ability to modify various user interfaces.
    • Time – Choose whether the clock counts down or up
    • Score Display Time – The amount of time the scoreboard is displayed after a match (Don’t Show, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 seconds)
    • Winner Display Time – The amount of time the Winner UI is displayed (Don’t Show, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 seconds)
    • HUD Type – Choose the optimal heads-up-display for the type of game you created (Default, Creature Elimination, Score)
    • Scoreboard Stat 1-5 – Choose the statistics that are tracked and shown on up to 5 columns on the scoreboard at the end of the match (None, Eliminations, Assists, Knocked Down, Collect Items, Health, Creature Eliminations, Score, Objectives, Time)
      • These statistics will serve as a tie-breaker (in sequential order) in the case that there is a tie under the primary rules of the game
  • The end of game Scoreboard has received a visual makeover to coincide with the new scoreboard options available for creators.
  • Winners are now prompted with new celebration animations, similar to the Victory Screen in Battle Royale.

Bug Fixes

  • You should now be able to see team member names over their heads based on the My Island Options.
  • Fixed an issue where placed trap sounds overlap and were very loud when spawning into a game.
  • Fixed an issue where vehicle destruction sound effects would play loudly when spawning into a game.
  • Fixed an issue where favorite Island codes could not be removed from the Featured Island Code list when using a controller.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fly Up prompt shows ‘Unbound’ in the Tooltip when using a controller.
  • Fixed an issue where the ammo count wasn’t displaying as infinite on weapons when infinite ammo was enabled.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various performance and stability issues.



Bunny Brawler Luna
Make an egg-plosive entrance with this new Soldier!


Dashing Hare Ken
Poach the Husks with this new and egg-citing Ninja.


  • Beta Storm Test the Limits returns!
    • The number of race gates has increased from 4 to 6.
    • A cinematic has been added to clarify when the race begins.
    • Watch out for the Husks! Prevent them from destroying the gate or you won’t be able to earn a platinum badge during your race.
      • This occurs after earning the Gold Medal.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which caused BluGlo Siphons to be mislabeled on the map in Refuel the Homebase missions.


  • The Hero Loadout picker panel now has a button callout for “Cancel”.
  • The Hero Loadout “Clear All” button is now available when only a gadget or team perk has been selected.  

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Hero rewards showing Survivor related descriptions on the XP bar when in the Command tab.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the ‘Manage Player’ panel to show an incorrect banner and power level while in the lobby.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the item details panel to have incorrect information when fast switching between inventory screens.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “reward icon” and “earned reward” screens to not update properly when players skip the animation.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the tiles on the mission select screen to not refocus when party members level-up or evolve Heroes and Survivors.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Hero names to flicker when using a controller in the Hero Loadout select screen.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the reset menu to lose functionality when switching to a different Hero while the reset menu is open.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the power level notification to not show up when a new player joins your party.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to not see the respawn button prompt when falling off the world.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the looted items notification to have large spaces in the text.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to hitch when accessing the boosts menu during gameplay.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to hitch when opening the Armory tab.


  • Introducing Bunny Brawler Luna, a new Legendary Soldier!
    • Standard Perk: Eggs-plosive Entrance
      • Shockwave drops 3 egg bombs, which each deal 54 base damage to nearby enemies.
    • Commander Perk: Eggs-plosive Entrance+
      • Shockwave drops 3 egg bombs, which each deal 162 base damage to nearby enemies.
    • Available in the Event Store on April 17 at 8 PM Eastern Time.
  • Introducing Dashing Hare Ken, a new Legendary Ninja!
    • Standard Perk: Eggs-termination
      • Kunai Storm throws 3 egg bombs, which each deal 37 base damage to nearby enemies.
    • Commander Perk: Eggs-termination+
      • Kunai Storm throws 3 egg bombs, which each deal 111 base damage to nearby enemies.
    • Available in the Event Store on April 17 at 8 PM Eastern Time.
  • The Legendary Soldier Rabbit Raider Jonesy Returns!
    • Standard Perk: Sure Shot
      • Increases Sniper Critical Damage by 75%.
    • Commander Perk: Sure Shot+
      • Increases Sniper Critical Damage by 225%.
    • Available in the Event Store on April 17 at 8 PM Eastern Time.

Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where T.E.D.D.Y would not go on cooldown if the ability was interrupted mid-throw.


  • Easter Egg Launcher
    • Lobs egg mines that explode on contact with enemies. Maximum of 6 eggs active at a time.
    • Available in the Weekly Store from April 17 at 8 PM Eastern Time until April 24 at 8 PM Eastern Time.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Broadside trap’s cannonballs weren’t being destroyed by the Super Shielder’s shield.


  • “Auto Equip Better Weapon” now equips based on Power Rating instead of Weapon DPS.

Bug Fixes

  • The Cannonade Launcher has been reclassified as a cannonball weapon, allowing it to get damage buffs from the Avast Mateys perk.


  • Storm Shield and mission loading screens are now biome based rather than mission based.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a large gap that could be found in some Autumn Cities.


  • Updated the audio when Med Bot revives a downed player.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the in-game music to continue playing after skipping the victory and defeat cinematics.
  • Reduced volume on the Nailer weapon to be consistent with other weapons.



  • Updated the Main Menu Party Bar in Battle Royale and Creative modes to simply be a list of players who are in your selected voice channel.  
    • Interacting with mouse or controller will perform a “Toggle Mute” on that player.
  • The icon for your selected skin or hero loadout now appears in the top left of the Social Panel.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in Battle Royale and Creative that would sometimes cause your lobby character to not reappear on your pedestal.


  • Updated lists for Save the World, Battle Royale and in-game Social Panel to more logically identify Party Members before the game starts, and Team Members once in-game.
    • We also display any Party Members that are not in-game with you when applicable.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed emote hotkeys so they correctly play emotes.



Want to track the top community issues? Head over to our Fortnite | Community Issues Trello board here.

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Building returns to Fortnite as permanent “Zero Build” mode is announced

Building is back in Fortnite’s core modes, but a new Zero Build mode has been announced that continues the experience of no building.



fortnite zero build promo art

Epic Games has released a permanent no-building mode alongside the return of building to Fortnite.

For the past 9 days, players have experienced Fortnite without any building. While the popular battle royale was founded on the unique premise of building, many hardcore fans and returning players swooned over the lack of building.

Knowing that this experience would only last nine days, players wondered what would happen when building returned. Would Epic introduce a new no-build mode? Or would building return without any other modes available?

Luckily, players won’t have to build in Fortnite is they don’t want to. But casual players who don’t want to play competitively can also enjoy building once more.

fortnite jumping and parkour in season 2

Zero Build mode announced as building returns to Fortnite

At the end of the nine day experience, Fortnite announced the new “Zero Build” mode. Advertised as a permanent side mode, Fortnite Zero Build is the same experience players have had for the past week.

In the Zero Build mode, players will continue to have overshields, enhanced movement abilities, and, most importantly, no building. But if you miss the old Fortnite, Epic has you covered.

Zero Build was introduced because building has finally returned to regular core modes: solos, duos, trios, and squads. But this also means that overshields, sprinting, and mantling have been removed from core modes.

Now everyone has a mode that suits their playstyle in Fortnite. But we’d love to know whether you’re Team Builder or Team Zero Build. Let us know on Twitter @FortINTEL.

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All Tier 100 Fortnite Battle Pass Skins ranked

Fortnite has given us a long list of Battle Pass skins. Here, we’re ranking all of the tier-100 Battle Pass skins from worst to best.



Fortnite has been providing us with skins for over two years. Take a look at all Fortnite tier 100 skins as we rank them from worst to best.

We’re 20 seasons into Fortnite at this point, and 19 Battle Passes deep. We’ve seen hundreds of skins come and go with varying degrees of originality. Some are still in Battle Royale to this day while others are collecting dust in a crowded locker.

Not all Fortnite skins are created equal. Today, we’re looking at the Fortnite tier 100 skins and ranking them from worst to best. Let us know your opinions in the comments!

19. Doctor Strange: Chapter 3 Season 2

fortnite doctor strange marvel skin

This may come as a shock as Marvel skins tend to rank very high, but we’re on a three-season streak of tier 100 Marvel skins. It’s getting old, and this one isn’t really that great.

Doctor Strange feels like it should have been given the Superman treatment, not the Spider-Man. Plus, they didn’t use Benedict Cumberbatch’s face which makes the skin even less exciting to unlock.

18. Vendetta: Season 9

The Vendetta is one of the least favored tier 100 skins of the bunch. The non-upgraded version is lame and the final stage leaves a lot to be desired.

This one was one of the most uninspired tier 100 skin, in my opinion. It doesn’t look very good, either, which is why it’s placed at the bottom of our rankings.

17. Ice King: Season 7

The Ice King is a skin you’ll hardly ever see in a modern Fortnite match. It’s not the ugliest skin we’ve gotten as a tier 100 reward, but it isn’t far off.

The reason this is so low, though, has to do with the size. This skin is massive and clunky, making you feel like an easy target when you’re wearing it.

16. Ultima Knight: Season X

The Ultima Knight is, simply, an addition to the OG Black Knight that ranks much higher in this list. This is a poor man’s Black Knight and everyone knows it.

Not only is the skin unoriginal, but it’s large and clunky when you rank it up. Anyone who already has the Black Knight won’t be rocking this version into battle

15. Dire: Season 6

The Dire skin is one of the cooler skin concepts Epic has added as a tier 100 skin. The werewolf skin, while interesting, is probably among the least popular skins you’ll see in the game.

The base skin is boring and the upgraded version is too big – two ingredients that lead to a bottom-half ranking.

14. Carnage: Chapter 2 Season 8

fortnite carnage skin

Despite being a crossover skin, Carnage is pretty forgettable. With Season 8 being the finale of Chapter 2, the Cube Queen secret skin was more iconic than the Symbiote. It’s big and bulky, and downright ugly.

13. Ragnarok: Season 5

The Ragnarok skin sits right in the middle of the pack. It’s not horrible, but it’s not great, either. The upgraded skin is a little busy for my taste, so I take everything off and roll with the topless bald man.

12. Fusion: Chapter 2, Season 1

The Fusion from Fortnite Chapter 2 is decent but relatively boring. You’d be hard-pressed to find a player still wearing this skin – especially since there were far better options in the same Battle Pass.

I had this one high on my original rankings (from C2S1) but time has knocked it down to just inside the top-10.

11. Rick Sanchez : Chapter 2 Season 7

Fortnite season 7 rick skin

Being able to play as Rick Sanchez is pretty cool seeing as he’s the most iconic character in one of the most popular animated series in recent history. His unique cell-shaded style makes him stand out from other skins, and his smug look makes it seem like every elimination is a cakewalk.

Rick is lower on the list because of his lack of utility and inevitable plummet in popularity in a few seasons. His cartoon style makes him stick out like a sore thumb in-game. His head is a massive target. And players will likely only use this skin for the next season or so.

10. Omega: Season 4

The Omega skin suffers from many of the problems as of the other bottom-half skins: it’s unathletic. That is until you take all of the armor off of the outfit.

I rock this skin stripped-down, just as I prefer the Ragnarok skin. It looks sleeker and cooler that way, in my opinion. The base Omega skin squeaks it into the top-10 – especially since you can change the color on the stripped-down version.

9. Mandalorian: Chapter 2 Season 5

Fortnite Mando

This might be a controversial placement, but I’m not a huge fan of the Mandalorian skin. Fans of the show will probably like it more, but it didn’t really do it for me.

Sure, the customization options are there, but you’ll never go back to the pre-upgraded armor like you could with some of the other tier-100 skins. Baby Yoda is a hit, but the Mando skin leaves a lot to be desired.

8. Luxe: Season 8

The Luxe was the number-one tier 100 skin in my book for a long time. This is one of the only tier 100 skins that I still regularly wear when I play Fortnite, and one of only two female skins in the group.

The real reason this one ranks so highly is the back bling. Those golden wings are at least the second-best back bling reward in any Battle Pass.

7. The Reaper: Season 3

For some, the Reaper is going to be a number-one tier 100 Battle Pass skin. I understand this argument, but I never liked it, myself.

There were some bugs during Season 3 that caused Epic to hand everyone several Battle Pass tiers for free. The result was that almost everyone who bought the Season 3 Battle Pass got the Reaper skin, which is one of the reasons I never really liked it.

Despite my personal bias, I recognize that Season 3 was the golden age of Fortnite and this skin brings back the feels. It’s well-deserving of a top-five finish.

6. Spire Assassin: Chapter 2 Season 6

Fortnite Spire Assassin

The Spire Assassin jumped right to the top-five in my rankings. This skin is one of the best to be released in all of Chapter 2. You look like a dominating force when dressed in its full suit of armor.

It’s always hard to rank a skin while the season is currently underway, but I’m betting that Spire Assassin will be a common sight on the Fortnite island long after Season 6 concludes.

5. Eternal Knight: Chapter 2, Season 3

The Eternal Knight is a strong contender for the best tier-100 skin in the history of Fortnite. All of the variants are cool and unique and the customizable pickaxe is another huge point in favor of the outfit.

Along with only a few others on this list, the Eternal Knight is still a common sight on the Fortnite island. As long as players are still wearing the skin, it deserves a high placement on this list.

4. Midas: Chapter 2, Season 2

Midas remains a favorite of a lot of Fortnite players, whether you’re using his Ghost, Shadow, or all-gold version.

The Midas skin is the best of both worlds. He’s slender, which means he doesn’t take up much of your screen, but he’s still a cool and interesting character whose outfit goes well with a lot of different combinations.

3. Iron Man: Chapter 2 Season 4

Come on, it’s Iron Man. This is how you do a tier-100 crossover skin, and the Mandalorian was a huge step back from Tony Stark in the previous season.

With one skin, you get both Iron Man and Tony Stark – which you can switch between in-game. If you leveled up the Battle Pass, you can also play as Gold, Silver, or Holographic Iron Man/Tony Stark. It’s hard to see this as anything less than a top-rated skin.

2. Spider-Man: Chapter 3 Season 1

fortnite chapter 3 spider man web shooters

Wow, who could have guessed that one of the most highly-praised crossover skins would make it to spot number 2. Previously held by Iron-Man, it makes sense that Peter Parker would take his place eventually.

What’s not to like about his skin? It’s clean, slick, and has some of the best alternate styles to date. Even it’s enlightened skin variants look phenomenal which is something that can’t be said for most Tier 100 skins.

1. Black Knight: Season 2

I know, I know. The Black Knight isn’t technically a Tier 100 skin. It’s a final-tier Battle Pass skin, though, so it’s worth including on this list.

The Black Knight is the classic. It’s the OG. Wearing one of these skins doesn’t mean that you’re good, but it does mean that you’ve been playing the game for a long time.

The Black Knight takes the number-one spot because it’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing final-tier skins we’ve ever received. It’s not my personal favorite, but it carries a certain amount of significance for OG Fortnite players.

What’s your number-one tier 100 Fortnite skin? Let us know in the comments.

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How Fortnite Overshields work in Chapter 3 Season 2

Fortnite Season 2 has added Overshields which add 50 health to ther player’s base health, and it recharges after taking damage.



fortnite the origin loading screen

To combat the lack of building at the start of the season, players have overshields that add 50 points to their health.

Players were shocked to find out that Fortnite Season 2 had removed its iconic building mechanic. What are players supposed to do if they get caught out in the open without any builds?

Luckily, Epic Games added a few new mechanics to make up for this. Firstly, players can run faster, jump higher, and mantle objects.

Secondly, Fortnite now gives players an overshield. This isn’t an item you pick up or craft. It’s a built-in component of the player’s health. Here’s how it works.

fortnite burst ar red dot sight

Fortnite’s new Overshield details

200 is no longer the maximum amount of health players can have. Instead, the base health is 150, and players can drink shield potions to gain 100 additional health.

These extra 50 points come from the new overshield. Like in Halo, players start with a small layer of shield that will take damage before their actual health. The overshield actually protects the player’s health and shield.

Additionally, the overshield recharges when out of combat, no item is needed. This is to help combat the removal of the building mechanic.

Fifty extra shield isn’t game-breaking, but it will help players find natural cover before getting one-shot. And it also might give timid players more confidence during the end game.

With that being said, we don’t know how long the overshield will be sticking around. Building is only removed for a limited time so overshields could leave whenever builds return.

For more Fortnite, check out where to find Omni Chips in Season 2.

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