Update: Epic Games tweeted out a new tweet, reaffirming the previously scheduled downtime along with a new quip about upcoming changes and the ‘Floor is Lava’ LTM. We’ll continue reporting on any changes and will post patch notes as soon as they are available.

Fortnite’s next update has been confirmed and downtime for it has been announced.

The v8.20 update will begin at 5:00 AM ET (0900 UTC) on Wednesday, March 27th.

This has been the new schedule for updates ever since Daylight Savings Time happened earlier in the month.

This update will be one of the larger ones we have seen coming so far in Season 8.

Usually some hints come out as to what the update will contain, but this update cycle has been quiet so far.

Epic released another similar tweet on Tuesday, March 26th reaffirming the downtime start and another quip about the upcoming LTM.

One thing we do know that is coming will be the ‘Floor is Lava’ LTM which was teased by an in-game announcement.

Other than that we don’t know a ton about this update. Some leaks have shown wraps that will probably be coming in this update, but we are still waiting on the big announcement that usually comes with each update of this magnitude.

Here are some possibilities:

Respawn Vans: We have seen these vans all over the map and they appear through a variety of glitches and bugs. They are going to be coming to the game at some point, and this update feels like the most likely time for them to be added.

Another interesting addition could be a bow. We have seen hints that a new bow weapon could be coming to the game, and this update could see it being added.

Ultimately both of those options are possibilities for this update, but as it stands right now we can’t be sure what the update will bring.

As far as balance changes, the most likely candidate will be The Baller as Epic is going to put an increased focus on competitive play with the World Cup qualifiers beginning soon.

What are you hoping for in this update?

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