It’s that time again, a new content update is on its way to Fortnite. A new explosive weapon is arriving this Tuesday!

Fortnite’s patching and update schedule has become quite routine for the fans and Epic Games by now. We all know that when a patch releases, like v8.20, we can expect a few new content updates to follow.

These updates help bring in new items without the need for a greater patch until Epic has collected enough new content/bug fixes to justify a bigger download size.

Epic Games announced on Monday, April 1st that the latest content update is on its way to us soon.

The content update will arrive on the Fortnite servers for all players at 8AM EST/5AM PST. No download or downtime will be required. This suggests that nothing major will be added other than the key feature of the update.

We’re talking about the Boom Bow, of course. This new weapon will be arriving very shortly and it promises to pack quite the punch.

We’ve got a full write-up of the possible stats of the new weapon in our feature article on the Boom Bow. The stats and info from that piece may or may not change before its official launch tomorrow.

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Are you excited for this new weapon or are you afraid it may be too-overpowered? Tell us what you think about the prospect of an explosive bow in the comments below with your reasoning.

We’ve got to be honest, we’re quite giddy to see what type of havoc this weapon can cause.

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