Fortnite fans have another exciting update to the popular battle royale title to look forward to, as Epic Games have officially released the v8.20 Content Update for the game on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices – bringing with it the new Boom Bow.

Players of the game have grown accustomed to receiving new updates for Fortnite every week, as Epic Games continue to roll out new updates for the game every seven days.

On Tuesday, April 2, players received a brand new Content Update for Fortnite, which introduced a brand new weapon that Fortnite fans will be able to wield the next time they drop into Fortnite.

While much of the content included in the V8.20 Content Update was unknown, Fortnite fans were aware of the Explosive Bow, thanks to Epic updating the in-game news feed on Sunday, March 31.

This is the first time that a weapon which fires arrows will be a permanent part of the game since May 2018, when Epic Games decided to place the Crossbow in the vault. It has made an appearance since, returning briefly to celebrate Valentine’s Day in February, but the Explosive Bow appears to be a mainstay in the game for the near future.

The Explosive Bow was added in the v8.20 Content Update.

The weapon will fire bolts with Shotgun shells attached to the end. The loner players pull back the bolt, the more power it will do, with the weapon hitting max velocity and power after being held for 1.6 seconds.

The Content Update also brought a number of bug fixes, including a fix to Arena Mode that was stopping players from teaming up with friends who were a lower rank on Arena Mode.

They’ve also buffed one of the Foraged Items, with the Chilli pepper now offering a 40% speed boost compared to its previous 20, while the effect now lasts for 20 seconds instead of 10.

The Content Update didn’t bring any major bug fixes this week, although Epic Games did release the v8.20.1 update on Friday, March 29 which addressed some issues with The Baller and other complaints fans have had, although they have still yet to revert the unpopular changes made to the game’s elimination rewards.

The Fortnite v8.20 Content Update is live now, and you can read the patch notes in full below.

Fortnite V8.20 Content Update patch notesN



Boom Bow
Archery can be a blast! Nock enemies in a whole new way with this explosive new weapon.

The Explosive Bow is officially here.



  • In this limited time mode, players will do battle using sniper rifles.
  • May the best aim win!

Mode Details

  • Only weapon drops are Sniper Rifles.
  • Floor Loot spawners reduced by 50%
  • Reviving “Down But Not Out” teammates in Duos & Squads is deactivated – be careful peeking!


  • Boom Bow
    • Fires Arrows with a Shotgun Shell tip, which explode on impact.
    • Uses Shotgun Ammo
    • The longer you hold the fire keybind down, the stronger the shot! This increases both projectile speed and direct impact damage.
      • Explosive damage is consistent regardless of the power of the shot.
      • The Boom Bow will achieve maximum power after 1.6 seconds of charging.
    • A direct hit will deal both the direct hit damage and the explosion damage to the enemy player it impacts.
      • Direct hit
        • Base damage 15
        • Headshot Multiplier: 2x
      • Explosion
        • 100 damage
  • Peppers
    • Increased duration from 10 seconds to 20 seconds
    • Increased movement speed bonus from 20% to 40%


Bug Fixes

  • Arena
    • Fixed an issue that caused players to be unable to queue for Duos when the party leader was in a lower division.
    • Fixed an issue which caused players to not be promoted to the next division while playing in Duos with a player in a higher division.
      • Note: Hype was still being earned correctly, this was a visual issue only.
    • Fixed an issue where players in Duos were charged Bus Fare based on the party leaders division, rather than their own.



Geometric Galleries
Use these new galleries to add unique shapes to your creations!

New Creative Mode items have been added.


Boom Bow

  • Fires Arrows with a Shotgun Shell tip, which explode on impact.
  • Uses Shotgun Ammo
  • The longer you hold the fire keybind down, the stronger the shot! This increases both projectile speed and direct impact damage.
    • Explosive damage is consistent regardless of the power of the shot.
    • The Boom Bow will achieve maximum power after 1.6 seconds of charging.
  • A direct hit will cause both the direct hit damage and the explosion damage to the enemy player it impacts.
    • Direct hit
      • Base damage scales from 18 (minimum) to 54 (maximum)
      • Headshot Multiplier: 4x
    • Explosion
      • 54 base damage


  • Non-Right Square Pyramid Gallery Large
  • Non-Right Triangular Pyramid Gallery Large
  • Right Triangular Prism Gallery Large
  • Seven Point Cube Gallery Large
  • Square Pyramid Gallery Large
  • Triangular Prism Gallery Large
  • Upright Triangular Prism Gallery Large



Cannonade Launcher
Loud Noises! Heroes and Husks will have a blast with this new Rapid Rocket Launcher

Save the World players have a brand new weapon called the Cannonade Launcher.


Cannonade Launcher

  • A chaotic, rapid-fire, automatic launcher that shoots small explosive rounds.
  • Available in the Weekly Store from April 3 at 8 PM Eastern Time until April 10 at 8 PM Eastern Time.

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      • ‘If you don’t want do take damage in a fight then just BUILD’ lol.It makes me feel as if you have never played the game and you have taken tfues dumb words to heart.

      • Correction;You are dumb.Most players dont want to play arena because it is full of tryhard TTVs and soccer skins.Besides,more than 90% of the community including both casual and competetive players loved the changes and taking them back makes the game feel boring and it also rewards farming all game,not being aggressive,camping,hiding after getting shot,turtling and more and more third parties.Tell me one good thing about this change and you might say thristing.But people still and did thrist even without these changes,Normal playlists suck now and as a player who mostly played squads more than duos or solos,i think this update is so bad it needs to be reverted instantly.Btw if you think i am a bad player ill let u know that i am a season 1 og player

          • The open leagues may be full of bots because they wanna try out that or just because of their precious “sIphON” but really, it’s not what you may be thinking. Or your some kind of “god” or you got stuck on the first open league rank.

          • “Precious” because everyone wants it back, and I bet even bots want it back (some). I’m fine with the removal of siphon, I mean, we’ve been without it for six and a half seasons, and everyone apparently got programmed to say “revert” now, but I’m just fine. I’m not gonna boss around Epic Games. And people STILL don’t understand that a company can’t please a player base of more than 100 million players

          • Nope, not everyone wants a revert. I’ve seen people that are completely fine with the update, or even begging so the game stays un reverted. So think about it… what would you do in Epic’s place? I imagine your gonna say “do what people want for the game” but, it doesn’t work that way. It simply doesn’t. And trust me when I say it’s WAY MORE complex to make choices for a worldwide phenomenon than you think.

          • ngl if u get stuck on open leagues, ur the bot because you cant lose hype lmao

            no but srsly its super easy for me and my friend, we keep getting 8 kill total wins

          • Then you guys would destroy me. As a casual player, I really can’t do any competitive shit. I’m kinda “good” and I suck at the same time.

          • i mean i was a bot, but after playing csgo, my aim got much better, and my and my friend climbed up. i used to be a casual player, and still am tbh but when i wanna i can s w e a t

        • I’d like to see where you got the stats that more than 90% of players liked the changes. I’m not saying I agree with them removing siphon, but the majority of the community is casuals, so obviously Epic is going to cater to them. Also, playing since season 1 says absolutely nothing about your skill level. That’s just irrelevant.

      • I would love to build early game but i have no mats since you get barely any anymore. And squads dont have arena

  1. They definitely did listen to the community, no revert and a shitty bow that will just add more ass explosives to the game.

    • it will come back hopefully.This is more hate for a game mechanic they removed than hate for a game breaking sword.All we can do is spam revert

        • No offense, but if you go for Health/shields/mats for kill, then you are a sweat allready. And please, tell me, is there any other game, real life competition, where the better gets advantage? As far as I know, is the other way around. And arena, by no means is sweat.

        • Well nobody can make you do something you don’t like i guess. But I prefer the mats and shield in arena, arena is used to improve myself. Pubs is just when i want casual games and when it had syphon, people played like they were in a cup all the time

    • Lol people will continue to complain no matter what is implemented or fixed ,forever. But most of us s1 og players don’t care either way. Because eventually either the mechanic or a better one will releasesometime in the future, like redeploy, and siphon.

      • I played ever since season 1 and tbh when they implemented siphon to all gamemodes I got used It and now since they took it away It may might never come back. It was fun while it lasted .

  2. Thank God they buffed the peppers I always thinking how underpowered they were, good thing they didn’t buff the tac that does 20 damage body shots and 40 damage head shots and awful range of pistols with awful bloom and low damage lol

    • tac is fine, but inferior to the pump of course. its a lower rarity, and ever since they removed the heavy (aka the purple/gold tac) i have learned to use the pump… (also I can get high damage with the tac… and besides, 40 damage per shot, with like double pump firerate is rlly decent)

  3. People play the same for 6 and 1/2 seasons then add siphon for 6 weeks and soon as they remove it they say “REVERT!”

          • I know siphon was good but it wasn’t meant to be permanent it was a test they removed it to help casual enjoy the game and not getting bmd almost Everytime they get knocked it caused aggression which lead the game to be a sweat fest

          • It wasn’t a test, the pop up cups were the test they implemented supposedly permanently and then they just took it away without a reason

      • Yes, but we can still deal with that. Thousands of comodities we have now didn’t exist years ago. If we lost something that we have nowadays, well, it would be the same as years ago.

    • like High Distortion said ” we lived for thousands of years without electricity and
      if we take it away now we should all okay right” (I couldnt find the tweet so this is from memory”

  4. Epic got a lot of backlash during the past few days, but I really want this to stop. My whole living being is gonna explode. I’m just sick of getting here to the comment section, and just seeing +5 hate comments SPECIFICALLY about the removal of siphon and the update. I just can’t believe my eyes.Seriuosly, how demanding and immature this playerbase has become.

    • Bro hontesly shut up, when they tweeted about the removal of the infinity blade they said thanks for calling them out, and they need to be called out so don’t be such a baby and defend every decision epic makes

      • Epic never received so much backlash about any thing in the entire game since it’s release. Yeah fine, call it out, but excessively? That’s simply not healthy. And really, why just tell me “bRo hoNesTly ShuT uP”? You just don’t know what to reply to my comment. And your argument doesn’t make sense. The infinity blade didn’t receive as much hate as this update, and that shows that you don’t need excessive hate and toxicity to get listened. And finally, it’s Epic’s fucking game, not yours. They will do whatever tweaks and changes they want, and if they want to listen, they’ll listen. Just stop and shush.

  5. People are only saying revert because other people are and its considered the “cool” thing to do. Get you own opinion and base it on something other than, “well everybody is saying revert”. Either learn to adapt or persish

  6. They should possibly add a 25 or 50 shied/health SLURP EFFECT. Because of the current meta and the prevalence of third-partying/lasering, without getting any health back it is way too easy to die in a Pub if you get 2 or 3 kills since you won’t have any heals and will have low health.

    A slurp effect wouldn’t allow players to instantly push and never stop being aggressive, but it would help you gain health after getting kills.

    Currently, it is easier to win by only fighting in the last few circles during Pubs.

    • my idea was that, but every tick the knocked player takes bleed damage, you get 1 health (shield if maxed) and if you finish, the player only drops extra mats


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