The first update of Season 8 is almost upon us and interesting things should be coming soon.

The downtime will begin at 4:00 AM ET (0900 UTC) on March 6th.

The main new item coming in this update is the buried treasure item.

Very little is known about the item at this time, we have a picture of the map and a promise that it is an item, but that’s about it.

Buried treasure item coming soon

We do see a red X southeast of the Volcano but a bit west of Lonely Lodge.

That could be the location of something interesting or just part of the design of the item.

There doesn’t seem to be precedent we can use to help figure out what this item might actually do.

One possibility is that it could be similar to the Loot Llamas around the map. The treasure could indicate the location of an amazing stash of loot on the map that isn’t obvious to someone running by the location.

There could be one or multiple of those locations every game and players would have to decide if the loot is worth going off course or potentially getting lost in the storm.

Again, that is pure speculation. Let us know what you think this item might do in the comments.

Other possible changes we would like to see in this update include lowering the drop rate of the Infantry Rifle and possibly dropping the damage on the Heavy Sniper.

What do you want to happen with this new update? Tell us below:

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