Fortnite patch v7.40 has arrived! Below you can find a compilation of all leaked cosmetics including Skins, Pickaxes, Back Bling, Gliders, Emotes, and Wraps.

Patch v7.40 contains a significant amount of both unreleased and released new content and assets. Until official announcements are made, some content may never be released.

It is not yet known when or if these cosmetics will release. Stay tuned for the daily Item Shop posts on and Tweets at @FortniteINTEL.


Fallen Love Ranger (Legendary Outfit) – ? V-Bucks
Love hurts.

Lil Whip (Epic Outfit) – ? V-Bucks
Whipped up, and ready to serve.

Rebel (Epic Outfit) – ? V-Bucks
Oppose the establishment.

Revolt (Epic Outfit) – ? V-Bucks
Conquer the system.

Skully (Rare Outfit) – ? V-Bucks
Accept nothing less than stylish domination.


Cuddle Paw (Rare Pickaxe) – ? V-Bucks
Cuddle up with claws.

Ice Pop (Rare Pickaxe) – ? V-Bucks
It can take a lickin’.

Skully Splitter (Rare Pickaxe) – ? V-Bucks
Color coordinated and battle ready.

Chocollama (Uncommon Pickaxe) – ? V-Bucks
Double dipped in chocolate.

Crossroads (Uncommon Pickaxe) – ? V-Bucks
This can go one of two ways…


Ice Cream Cruiser (Rare Glider) – ? V-Bucks
Melty at every altitude.

Back Bling

Fallen Wings (Legendary Back Bling) – ? V-Bucks
Ready to rebound.

Board Bag (Epic Back Bling) – ? V-Bucks
Ready for the grind.

Cannister Carrier (Epic Back Bling) – ? V-Bucks
Spray it, don’t say it.

Sno Cone (Epic Back Bling) – ? V-Bucks
A neverending treat.

Skully Satchel (Rare Back Bling) – ? V-Bucks
Equal parts adorable and disturbing.


Cuddle Hearts (Rare Wrap) – ? V-Bucks
Show your style.

Chromatic (Uncommon Wrap) – ? V-Bucks
Show your style.

Sprinkles (Uncommon Wrap) – ? V-Bucks
Show your style.

Valentine (Uncommon Wrap) – ? V-Bucks
Show your style.


Daydream (Epic Emote) – ? V-Bucks
Dance the day away.

Jamboree (Rare Emote) – ? V-Bucks
Celebrate anything and everything.

Overdrive (Rare Emote) – ? V-Bucks
Push it past the limit.

Of all leaked v7.40 cosmetics, which is your favorite?

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  1. This is just a question, but do you by any chance know the names of these items? I get it if you don’t, but I’m just wondering if you know the names?

    • Nah it will be the normal love ranger with challenges to unlock to dark version most likely

      Edit: didnt see the latest article. Its going to be a buyable skin with challenges to earn 20000 vbucks

  2. can you guys change the sponsored content part? everytime I scroll to the comments section the ads pop up and pull my page back up.


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