Fortnite patch v7.30 has arrived! Below you can find a compilation of all leaked cosmetics including Skins, Pickaxes, Back Bling, Gliders, Emotes, and Wraps.

Patch v7.30 contains a significant amount of both unreleased and released new content and assets. Until official announcements are made, some content may never be released.

It is not yet known when or if these cosmetics will release. Stay tuned for the daily Item Shop posts on and Tweets at @FortniteINTEL.


The Prisoner (Legendary Outfit) – ? V-Bucks
Unchained and out to restore balance.


Honor Guard (Epic Outfit) – ? V-Bucks
Battle with honor.


Kitbash (Epic Outfit) – ? V-Bucks
Show ’em what you’re made of.


Sparkplug (Rare Outfit) – ? V-Bucks
Scrap the competition.



Cold Hearted (Rare Pickaxe) – ? V-Bucks
No love lost.


Frozen Beak (Rare Pickaxe) – ? V-Bucks
Break the ice.


Marshy Smasher (Rare Pickaxe) – ? V-Bucks
Spread some joy.


Squid Striker (Rare Pickaxe) – ? V-Bucks
Speak softly and carry a giant squid.


Back Bling

Padlock (Legendary Back Bling) – ? V-Bucks
Locked down.


Reinforced Backplate (Epic Back Bling) – ? V-Bucks
Strong and secured.


Trash Lid (Epic Back Bling) – ? V-Bucks
Put a lid on it.


Frozen Feathers (Rare Glider) – ? V-Bucks
A cold wind bellows.


Scrappy (Rare Back Bling) – ? V-Bucks
Barking out of the Boneyard.



Extra Cheese (Epic Glider) – ? V-Bucks
Slice through the sky.



Glowsticks (Epic Emote) – ? V-Bucks
Make it glow.


Bobbin’ (Rare Emote) – ? V-Bucks
Really get into it.


Keep It Mello (Rare Emote) – ? V-Bucks
Join in the fun.


Marsh Walk (Rare Emote) – ? V-Bucks
Keep it mello.


Air Horn (Uncommon Emote) – ? V-Bucks



Golden Clouds (Rare Wrap) – ? V-Bucks
Show your style.

Of all leaked v7.30 cosmetics, which is your favorite?

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