The first major Fortnite update of 2019 is here, and dataminers are already sifting through the files to give fans a look at what’s headed to the game in the near future.

The v7.20 update for the game brought a whole host of bug fixes and improvements, along with the return of Glider Redeploy as an item and the introduction of the new Scoped Revolver weapon.

Along with these new additions, the update comes filled with brand new cosmetic items, including new skins, pickaxes, gliders and more – and thanks to lucas7yoshi, we can take a look at them.

It’s unknown when these cosmetics will release, but you can keep track of what’s available for purchase by staying tuned to our daily Item Shop posts or via our Twitter account.


Malcore (Epic) – Malevolent to the core.

Verge (Uncommon) – Always on the forefront.

Tech Ops (Rare) – Overtake the battlefield.

Jaeger (Epic) – Leading the hunt.

Fyra (Epic) – Lives for the chase.

Cobalt (Epic) – Search and destroy.

The Ice Queen (Legendary) – Long Live The Queen

Cabbie (Uncommon) – First to the fare. First to the finish line.


Diverge (Rare) – Break away from the pack.

Coaxial Copter (Epic) – Dual-rotor tactical copter.

Tusk (Uncommon) – Wild and woolly.

Winter’s Thorn – Ride out the squall

Back Bling

Ark Wings (Legendary) – Pristine Plumage

Malcore Wings (Epic) – Spread your wicked wings.

Emblazoned Buckler (Epic) – To the victor go the spoils.

Runic Shield (Epic) – Claimed in battle.

Capacitor (Rare) – Fully charged.

Ice Spikes (Legendary) – Clad yourself in jagged ice.

Reinforced Backplate (Epic) – Strong and secured.

Harvesting Tools

Evil Eye (Epic) – Always watching. Always.

Clean Cut (Uncommon) – Looks sharp. Actually sharp.

Armature (Uncommon) – Experimental prototype.

Battle Axe (Rare) – Truly Barbaric.

Flimsy Flail (Rare) – Flop til they drop.

Icebringer (Rare) – Bitter cold.



IDK (Uncommon) – Don’t ask me.

Slick (Rare) – Makin’ it look easy.

Flux (Rare) – Stay in the flow.

Whirlwind (Rare) – Around and around abound.

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