Fortnite Season 7 is here! Below you will find all newly added cosmetics which are not currently available and have yet to be released.

Fortnite patch v7.00 contains a significant amount of new content, both released and unreleased. The following list contains unreleased/leaked cosmetics.

It is not yet known when or if these cosmetics will release. Stay tuned for the daily Item Shop posts on and Tweets at @FortniteINTEL.


Cloudbreaker (Rare) – Turbulent by nature.

Wingtip (Rare) – Flying on the edge.

Waypoint (Rare) – Make your move.

  • ? (RavenWinter (Male))
  • ? (RedNightWinter (Female))
  • ? (CupidWinter (Male))
  • ? (Math (Male))


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  • Scratchmark
  • Scorcher
  • Ice
  • Scepter
  • Icicle
  • Abominable Axe

Back Bling

Stay tuned.


  • Rickety Runner
  • Tactical Sleigh
  • Glidurrr
  • Royale Air


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