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Fortnite v15.50 update patch notes: Rapid Fire SMG, LTMs, Epic Quest challenges

The Fortnite v15.50 update has been confirmed for March 2. Here’s everything you need to know about the final patch of Season 5.



Fortnite v15.50 patch notes

The Fortnite v15.50 update has been released and will be the last of Fortnite Season 5, so let’s run through the unofficial patch notes. The unvaulted weapon this week is the Rapid Fire SMG.

We’re in the final stretch of Fortnite Season 5, with the v15.50 patch reported to be the last update of the season. Epic have confirmed some details for the patch, with two weeks left before Season 6.

So, let’s run through the new content found by data miners, the expected bug fixes and updates coming in the v15.50 update, so you’ll have a better idea of what’s coming when you launch the game on March 2.


Details of three limited time modes have been revealed following this update, called Classic Loot, Bodyguard and Floor is Lava Disarmed.

There is no official confirmation on which of these leaked LTMs have been included in the update, but here’s what we’ve got to look forward to…

Fortnite’s had many classic weapons come and go. Some will return in this LTM, though.

Classic Loot

Loot from previous seasons, before Chapter 2 even begun, will be heading back to the world of Fortnite. According to HYPEX: “Classic Battle Royale loot comes to the new island!”

It will be interesting to see how that one plays out.

Floor is Lava Disarmed

Here’s another LTM revealed as part of the update, Floor is Lava Disarmed.

According to iFireMonkey, the description for this is: “Avoid the dangerous lava! Once it starts rising, get to high ground. Take your best shot by throwing what you find.”


Seen below, from HYPEX, the Bodyguard LTM will give each squad a VIP and then the bodyguards will be sworn to defend them.

VIPs will spawn with a Legendary Pistol to defend themselves, as well as a rechargeable revive grenade.

Weapons and Items

Here’s the Egg Launcher expected to drop into Fortnite soon. Credit: Epic Games.

The loot pool has been tweaked slightly with this new content refresh, with the following been made available:

  • Jelly Fish
  • Rift Fish
  • New Egg Launcher (Added to files, unreleased)
  • Rapid Fire SMG is back!
  • Flight Knock Pistol, presumably for LazarBeam’s tournament

The Hand Cannon has been vaulted, and while HYPEX has confirmed the new Egg Launcher following the update, it appears we’ll have to wait until Easter for that to hit.

Bug fixes

Bug fixes are a part of any Fortnite update, and v15.50 is no exception. Epic are tackling some issues with this update, including a few long-standing problems that have been in the game for a while.

Here are all of the bug fixes listed as “Fixed in Next Game Update” on the Fortnite Community Issues Trello board.

  • Total Bars appearing as 0 when loading into a match with high latency.
  • Rift Fish and Jellyfish temporarily disabled.
  • Cars not always dealing damage on impact.
  • Snowy Floppers do not grant Shield or Icy Feet.
  • Split Screen “Ready Up!” issue.
  • (STW) Escalation Modifier Damage Buff does not buff Hero Skills or Gadgets.
Fortnite bugs

Week 14 challenges (Epic Quests)

Here’s the full list of challenges for Week 15 of Fortnite:

  • Collect cookbooks from Pleasant Park and Craggy Cliffs
  • Harvest fruits and vegetables
  • Earn bars to hire a character
  • Visit different restaurant kitchens
  • Drive vehicle from Sweaty Sands to Pleasant Park
  • Drop off vehicle at the gas station in Lazy Lake or Catty Corner
  • Drive vehicle from Pleasant Park to Lazy Lake

Follow all of the other changes in patch v15.50 on Twitter @FortniteINTEL. We always post all of the patch notes, leaks, and news coming out of the update there, first, so throw us a follow.

Image Credit: Epic Games

Patch Notes

Fortnite v17.20 Patch Notes: Gravity Gun, Wrap Skins, new loadout settings

The Fortnite v17.20 Patch Notes are here, and players can expect a new weapon, some cool new skins, and quality of life improvements.



fortnite v17.20 patch notes

After almost an entire month without a major content update, here are the Fortnite v17.20 Patch Notes.

It’s been a few weeks since Fortnite v17.10 was released, and that’s because of Epic Games’ summer break. Now that the employees are back in the office, players are being given the second major content update of Fortnite Season 7.

However, this patch is a little more underwhelming than expected. The Fortnite v17.20 Patch Notes include a few new skins, quality of life improvements, and a new gravity gun. While players expected there to be huge map changes and more alien tech, it seems this update is on the lighter side in terms of content.

Ghost and Shadow henchmen are finally coming to the Fortnite Item Shop

Grabitron Gravity Gun

At the start of the season, a gun that allows players to pick up and toss large objects was teased. Players had given this gun the name “Cowinator”, but now it has an official name. The Grabitron is a new alien tech weapon added during the Fortnite v17.20 patch.

Players can expect to see this new gun in-game either this week or next. As shown in the season trailer, players will be able to use the gun to pick up rocks, vehicles, and other items on the map. These items can then be hurled at opposing players to deal a considerable amount of damage.

Reactive Wrap Skins

A new set of customizable skins allows players to equip wraps that change the style of the skin. There are four different character models in the set, and each has a different style of clothes. However, these skins are the first of their kind.

As seen in the Tweet from HYPEX below, players can customize the skin with different wraps. Wraps are usually used on weapons and vehicles, and now they can be used on certain skins. Once equipped, the pattern on the skin’s clothing will change to the style of the wrap.

Preferred Loadout Settings

As promised by Epic Games earlier this month, a new preferred loadout setting has been added to Fortnite v17.20. This new setting allows players to customize what typed of items go in which inventory slot. Instead of swapping weapons and meds on the go, they will go into the specified slots automatically.

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Patch Notes

Fortnite v17.10 Hotfix adds Alien Nanites, new Ray Gun, and changed POIs

The Fortnite v17.10 Hotfix adds new alien technology, a powerful Mythic weapon, and makes minor changes to some of the POIs.



fortnite v17.10 hotfix aline nanites

There’s no massive content update this week, but the Fortnite v17.10 Hotfix is adding a bit of new content to the game.

Fortnite updates come in different forms and sizes. A seasonal update will massively change Fortnite’s map, loot pool, and storyline. A content update will add new weapons or POIs to a season. These updates can also add encrypted files to the game that can be opened at a later date.

When these encrypted files are decrypted (or opened) those updates are referred to as a hotfix. Encrypted files can be anything from upcoming skins, new items/weapons, or even small map changes. Today’s hotfix update contains new weapons, items, and map updates.

fortnite summer believer beach

Alien Nanites added

Alien Nanites were teased before the start of the season, and now they’re here as a part of the Fortnite v17.10 Hotfix! These multi-purpose items can be used like nuts and bolts to upgrade weapons. If a player has an SMG, Assault Rifle, or Sniper of rare or greater rarity, it can be combined with Alien Nanites to make an alien weapon.

As well, Alien Nanites can be thrown like a grenade will also generate an alien biome. These areas have low gravity that allows players to “swim” through the air. Exiting the biome will also give players the no-fall damage effect. Alien Nanites can be found in chests, but are more likely to be found aboard Abductors and the Mothership.

Zyg and Choppy’s new Mythic Ray Gun

Zyg choppy mythic ray gun fortnite

These two extraterrestrial buds were added to the game prematurely after the last update, but now they’ve been added for good. Zyg and Choppy can be found patrolling Hydro 16 which is east of Slurpy Swamp. If a player eliminates them, they will drop the new Mythic Ray Gun. Be warned, Hydro 16 is crawling with Alien Parasites.

Holly Hatchery and other map changes

Holly Hedges has been overrun by Alien Parasites and has been renamed Holly Hatchery. Alien Biomes have started to form in the small neighborhood, and it isn’t as friendly as place as it used to be. However, it isn’t the only POI to change during the Fortnite v17.10 Hotfix.

The non-stop block party at Believer Beach has finally come to an end. All that remains is the trashed decor and skeleton of a party that once was. It seems that the longer the Aliens overstay their welcome, the more the map will change to reflect just that.

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Patch Notes

Fortnite v17.10 early patch notes: Mothership changes, Arena Hype Points reset, more

Here’s the complete rundown on all the early v17.10 patch notes.



Fortnite Season 7’s weekly updates continue as Epic Games has locked in early details surrounding the v17.10 patch. Here’s a complete overview of everything there is to know.

With Season 7 now underway, we’ve already been treated to an assortment of new content in Fortnite. From drastic map changes to new weapons and everything in between, there’s been plenty of excitement to kickstart the new season.

Weekly updates have continued on, as expected, and we’ve already got plenty of early intel on the upcoming v17.10 patch; from when downtime starts, to what new Season 7 content we can expect, here’s everything you need to know about the June 22 update.

Fortnite v17.10 downtime

As per usual, Fortnite will be taken offline soon for a regular period of maintenance. During this brief window, players won’t be able to start up any new matches.

This time around, Fortnite maintenance is expected to begin at roughly 12:30 AM PST / 3:30 AM ET /07:30 UTC on June 22.

Downtime typically only lasts for an hour or two, so expect the v17.10 update to follow a similar pattern. We’ll be sure to keep you updated here if there are any major delays.

Fortnite v17.10 early patch notes

Entering the Mothership

In this weekly update, Fortnite’s ongoing storyline is set to continue in an intriguing direction. Rather than a subtle teaser or a mysterious easter egg, Season 7’s alien invasion narrative could be giving us a new area to explore already.

“A new surprise descends,” Epic said in a June 21 tweet. “A way inside the Mothership?”

Based on this teaser alone, it certainly sounds as though players will be able to make their way through the alien Mothership. 

Players may be able to enter the Mothership as part of this new Fortnite update.

Fortnite Arena Hype Points

If you fancy yourself a competitive Fortnite player, you might want to get some final games in quickly. With the latest patch, Epic is completely resetting the standings and starting anew.

Arena Hype Points will be to zero across the board, meaning players will have to earn their way back up the rankings.

Fortnite v17.10 bug fixes

Along with all of the fresh content and gameplay tweaks, the latest Fortnite patch also brings an assortment of bug fixes. As usual, these range from small Creative issues to some bigger Battle Royale problems.

Below is the full list of bug fixes set for the v17.10 Fortnite update.


  • Item Shop update notice not clearing

Battle Royale

  • Taking damage through cars while in motion.
  • Ability to change loot pools in Battle Lab temporarily disabled.
  • Character Collection Book incompletable due to missing entries.
  • Saucers may become inoperable if a beamed-up object falls on it.
  • Bunnywolf and LLion Sets temporarily disabled.
  • One-handed Pickaxes continue to perform extra swings.


  • Rounds not reporting correct placements.
  • Hud Controller Device join in progress
  • Images are cut off in the Discover tab.
  • Player can encounter infinite loading screen when flying out of Island.

Save the World

  • Melee hits aren’t registering on Melee Weapons for PC.
  • Saurian Vigor perk stops working after respawn.


  • No indicator on mobile/Nintendo Switch for the Saucer boost cooldown and charges.
  • Nintendo Switch players unable to gift cosmetics, Bundles, or Battle Pass on controller.
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