Fortnite update v12.20 is now live. Take a look at all of the map changes included in the update.

The second patch of Chapter 2 Season 2 brought us the first substantial changes to the Fortnite map since the season first released. The update introduced helicopters and triggered an explosion at The Rig, home of TNTina.


We’re still uncovering some hidden map changes that players haven’t noticed, but here are all of the known Fortnite v12.20 map changes so far.

Pleasant Park

As many expected, the soccer pitch at Pleasant Park has opened to make way for the helipad underneath.

Interestingly, Epic managed to keep most of the important pieces of the area intact. The midfield chest still spawns there, so you can jump down and grab the chopper if you can’t find a house at which to safely land.

Via: @FortniteBR

The Rig

The Rig received the most substantial change in the Fortnite v12.20 update. It was destroyed and caused an oil spill, affecting the surrounding locations.

This is particularly interesting, as we thought that The Rig may transition into a Shadow base if that alliance got the most transitions. It appears that Epic had different plans for The Rig.

You will have to re-discover the Rig on your map, as it has been put back to an unknown area. Early reports have it that the Boom Bow is missing, but Henchmen still spawn at this location. I have yet to survive a Rig drop and hunt for the Boom Bow, myself.

The new map

The Fortnite map following the v12.20 update is only slightly different. Pleasant Park looks the same from above, but you can clearly see the trails of oil leaking out of The Rig.

We’ll be keeping an eye on The Rig as the oil spill continues. It may even overflow into Slurpy Swampy, which would be an interesting turn of events. Could the leaked oil prevent players from healing in the Swamp?

These are all of the surface changes that we noticed, so far, but there may be some new changes that are waiting to be discovered.

We’ll keep you posted if or when more Fortnite v12.20 map changes are uncovered. Until then, The Rig and Pleasant Park are going to be hot-drops.

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