Epic Games have rolled out a new v11.20 update for Fortnite Battle Royale and a number of skins and cosmetics have been leaked.

As is the case with any update to the popular battle royale game, data miners have been hard at work following the release of the update to find as many hidden details as possible.

Now, they have revealed a number of new outfits and accessories, which will presumably be available to purchase soon in the Fortnite Item Shop – or perhaps even pick up as rewards in future challenges.

There’s a lot to unpack, so let’s take a look at everything leaked by Lucas7yoshi, VastBlastt and FNBRHQ on November 20.

All leaked skins and cosmetics

There appears to be, as you would expect, a Christmas/holiday theme running right through this selection of leaked features – with a number of skins and cosmetics appearing to tease a winter event of some sort, just like we had last year.

Image from Lucas7yoshi.

If you’re interested in a closer look at some of the skins individually, the leakers have also got you covered there as well.

As seen in the image below, these skins (from left to right) are Globe Shaker, Brilliant Bomber, Stingray and Bundles.

A number of other skins have also been revealed by the data miners, many of which can be seen in the following list.

While these leakers are typically very accurate, the discovery of these outfits and accessories in the game files doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be added very soon.

However, given that there are holiday costumes included, there’s a big chance that these will appear in the Item Shop shortly.

After all, the game’s developers have already announced that there will be lots of “new content” coming this Christmas, after confirming Chapter 2, Season 11 has been extended.

It’s also worth noting that this update, where the leaks have come from, is the first in quite some time where Epic Games have released official patch notes to show us what’s changed. Feel free to check those out.

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