Epic has been reluctant to release Fortnite patch notes since Chapter 2 started. Here are the unofficial patch notes with all of the changes we know about.

For some reason, Epic seems to have an ax to grind with people who want to know the exact changes they make to Fortnite. It was understandable to hold the patch notes back for Fortnite Chapter 2 – they treated it like a new game – but they’ve done the same thing with the first update of the season.

Fortnite v11.01 seems to primarily focus on Save the World. They added a new questline for the mode, along with a batch of new cosmetics to Fortnite Battle Royale for the Halloween event. You can take a look at those here.

We might not know all of the changes that came to the game without the official Fortnite patch notes, but we do know about some bug fixes and XP adjustments.

Bug Fixes

We covered the v11.01 bug fixes in an ‘Early patch notes’ article yesterday, basing it on the Fortnite Community Issues Trello board. Here are the confirmed bug fixes for v11.01:

  • Gift wrap missing for gifted Battle Pass.
  • Daily Punchcard remaining on-screen.
  • Issues with “Get an elimination from 60m or further” Open Water Challenge.
  • “Ready Up” button not appearing in Squads matches until entire party is eliminated.
  • Unable to use swap-to item when character is backed up against camera.

There is still a long list of bug fixes that Epic is working on, and several of them will be coming with the next update – presumably next week.

New XP gains

Epic also overhauled the XP system in Fortnite. Chapter 2 changed how you level up through the Battle Pass, and many players complained about a lack of XP making it harder to grind through progression.

Fortunately, Epic was quick to respond to this issue and has buffed XP from all sources. @iFireMonkey on Twitter broke it down for a better understanding of what the new XP system looks like.

There were a lot of changes, but they essentially boil down to this: you get more XP from all sources. This is an overall positive change for everyone. Grinding through the Battle Pass is a part of each season but it’s not that fun when progression seems hard to come by.

Without patch notes, all we can do is look at the bug fixes and XP boosts. There may be some buffs and nerfs hiding in the shadows, but we won’t know until we play a few games and do some testing.

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