Fortnite’s Season 10 map has been given yet another shakeup following the arrival of the v10.40 patch, including a brand new point of interest.

The battle royale game has been an ever-changing beast during the course of the game’s landmark tenth season, with the likes of Moisty Palms, Gotham City, the Pandora Rift Zone and more being added in weekly updates.

This latest update didn’t break this trend either, after it was revealed that a fresh Rift Zone would be making its debut.

Data miners had previously claimed that a new Starry Suburbs location was in the works and with a rocket event seemingly building at Dusty Depot, there were always going to be big things expected from this patch.

So, there’s a few things to get through. Let’s jump right into the biggest map changes and see whether the landscape has been affected drastically or not since it went live on September 25.

Fortnite v10.40 map changes

Starry Suburbs

Theres no better place to start than Starry Suburbs when it comes to these v10.40 map changes. The brand new Rift Zone point of interest has appeared on the outskirts of Junk Junction.

Image via Epic Games

It looks like a quaint little town at first glance and, well, that’s exactly what it is.

There’s nothing remotely extraordinary about it at the moment, although it does look like there could be further developments made here in the future – as some structures look unfinished.

Image via Epic Games.

Dusty Depot… Are the BRUTES in danger?

This destination has been subject to countless map changes during the course of Season 10 and has even had a huge influence on other tweaks made to the map as well, after distributing Rift Beacons on a number of occasions – sparking the arrival of fresh POIs.

This time, though, the changes at Dusty are much more than a development to the rocket that’s being built there. We’ve found something very interesting on the monitors, which were previously flashing red, but have now unveiled a teasing graphic.

Image via Epic Games.

We’re pretty sure that you’re sick of the sight of our terrible skin combo by now, but if you look further than that and closer at the screens, you will notice that there seems to be something wrong with the BRUTE Mech suits.

The destructive vehicles have long been a talking point for Fortnite fans, with many calling for them to be removed earlier in the season, and it appears that they have developed a virus of some sort.

Image via Epic Games.

Floating Island

It won’t come as a huge shock to most when they see that Kevin the Cube’s floating island is still moving around. It’s now moved over towards Sunny Steps, in the Northeast corner of the map.

Image via Epic Games.

Fortnite v10.40 map

Here’s what the full map looks like, following the v10.40 patch on September 25.

Image via Fortnite Epic Games.

We’ll continue to update this article with any other map changes that we find. Until then, jump into the game yourself and see what’s different yourself!

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