Epic Games have rolled out their Fortnite v10.31 update and with it comes a number of new map changes, teasing a huge overhaul at Tilted Town.

For many players, nothing was going to quite match that of the v10.30 patch, with fan-favorite points of interest returning in new Rift Zones and the beginning of the rocket event at Dusty Depot, but the game’s developer have pulled yet another rabbit out of a hat.

So much has been said about events during the course of Season 10, most recently with the IT Chapter Two speculation and then potentially the Scientist building a rocket, but a brand new Batman crossover zone has landed on the battle royale map.

The area occupied by Tilted Town has already faced an overhaul during this season, having previously been named Neo Tilted, but it seems that Epic aren’t done yet. In fact, it’s been completely transformed once again!

Gotham City coming soon to Tilted Town

In an unexpected twist, it looks as if Tilted Town is going to soon be renamed Gotham City as one of the maps key named locations.

Image via Fortnite screengrab.

A brand new Rift Beacon has appeared right at the heart of the western town and if previous weeks are anything to go by, map changes are more than likely imminent now.

There’s also been a number of details leaked surrounding a Fortnite x Batman crossover event being in the works, with several cosmetics, a weapon, loading screens and challenges found in data mines since the patch went live on September 18.

Rocket taking shape

The Scientist must have been hard at work during the downtime of the v10.31 update, as the rocket’s base has been added.

Image via Fortnite screengrab.

While each stage of its completion have already been leaked ahead of schedule by data miners, players are starting to see just how it will look in-game.

Full map following v10.31 patch

While these tweaks don’t necessarily mean a great deal for the Fortnite map, from a bird’s eye view at least, here’s what the map looks like following the v10.31 patch – featuring a new landing spot at The Block.

The Block and Floating Island

Legendary Chuan QI’s Block has been added to Fortnite, meaning that players can now drop right into a location filled with statues and old buildings.

As the image above shows, the Floating Island has now circled right around towards The Block location and is expected to keep moving during the rest of Season 10.

So, there you have it. There have been a number of interesting discoveries made in terms of map changes following this update and should we come across any more, we’ll be sure to add them as well!

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