Fortnite’s v10.20 Update is now officially live on all platforms, and data miners have been hard at work scouring the patch files in hopes of finding brand-new skins, gliders, pickaxes, and more that are headed to the game.

The v10.20 Update introduced a brand new item in the form of the Shield Bubble, which will protect you from explosives and projectiles for 30 seconds, but the headline addition was the new Fortnite x Mayhem event, which sees the popular battle royale title team up with Borderlands 3 to bring Pandora to the game’s island. 

Alongside these massive changes, Epic Games have also added a number of brand-new cosmetic items to the files, which are likely to appear in the in-game store over the next few weeks and made available for purchase by fans of the battle royale title. 

Borderlands invades Fortnite in the v10.20 Update. Credit: Epic Games / 2K Games

These cosmetic items will be released sporadically over the next few days, but are added to the game in one big batch, hidden away in the files in the hopes that players won’t see them before they are officially released. 

For those who are impatient though, data miners usually search through the files themselves, and release them early so we can see what’s heading to the game, and what cosmetic items we want to buy once they are available. 

As always, just because they have been added to the game isn’t a guarantee that we’ll ever see them in the store, as the developers have added cosmetics in the past which have never been used. 

With last week’s v10.10 Content Update not including any cosmetic items at all, Epic Games have added tons of new items with this patch, and you can take an early look at what is coming to the game below. 

Thanks to @FNBRHQ for these leaks. 

Fortnite v10.20 Leaked Skins and Cosmetic Items



Make an impact.


Journey beyond the edge of the sky.

Psycho Bandit



Loom over the competition.

Hard Charger

Gassed up and ready to ride.

Harvesting Tools

Psycho Buzz Axes

*Maniacial laughter intensifies.*

Impact Edge

Enginereed for ultimate impact.

Blue Bolt

Infused with the power of blue.

Aero Axe

Show your stripes.


Stunt Cycle

Hang on tight.

Dual Defiant

Defy all expectations.

Back Bling

Containment Pack

Battle rated containment system.


Built for speed.

Rogue Spider Shield


Strong and ready.



Show your style.

Angular Flow

Show your style.


Show your style.

Square Stream

Show your style.


A new set of emotes have also been added to Fortnite, with data miner @HYPEX giving fans a peek at what they will look like inside the game.

More cosmetic items are being released, so make sure to check back as we’ll continue updating this article as they become available.