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Fortnite update v10.30 patch notes – returning locations and more

Here’s the patch notes for Fortnite’s latest major update!



Epic Games have already shuffled the pack a number of times during the course of Season 10 and the game’s latest major update hasn’t broken that trend.

After activating two Rift Beacons to both the former Greasy Grove and Moisty Mire destinations just days before the v10.30 patch was announced, it was almost certain that the developers were going to give fans what they wanted.

This September 11 update launched at 4 am ET (1 am PT/9 am BST) and there’s no doubt that players will be quick to jump off the Battle Bus to check out the changes.

It’s fair to say that it’s absolutely jam-packed with new content, with the Pandora Rift Zone – which was part of the Borderlands 3 crossover – having finally made its exit.

So, let’s take a look at everything that the v10.30 patch includes, courtesy of Epic Games.

Fortnite v10.30 patch notes:



Moisty Palms
In this swampy new Rift Zone, you can crouch to disguise yourself as a prop!

Greasy Grove
A Rift Zone has brought back Greasy Grove, but the neighborhood’s favorite food is now tacos. The tacos here are so good that even their smell makes people party! 



Team Type: Solo | Respawning: On
 Created by AlanShinohara. Knock Town was a top 3 contender for the LTM Creator Contest!
 Use the grappler to jump around and dodge shots as you one-tap enemies in the air with the Flint-Knock Pistol. The player with the most eliminations at the end of the match wins! 


  • Vaulted
    • Burst SMG
  • Unvaulted
    • Tactical SMG (Also: now available in Playground!)

Bug Fixes

  • Players impulsed by a Shockwave Grenade will no longer destroy a nearby trap without first destroying the building piece it is attached to. 
  • The Zapper Trap’s info card now shows the appropriate 4 stars (indicating Epic Rarity) rather than 2 (indicating Uncommon Rarity).
  • Resolved an issue in which the Zapper Trap would not build properly when thrown on slopes or uneven terrain.
  • B.R.U.T.E.s will now be launched away if they touch the Floating Island’s Cube.
  • The B.R.U.T.E.’s Stomp attacks now deal consistent damage to other vehicles. 
    • Previously, they would deal either double or triple damage to other vehicles.
  • The color of the B.R.U.T.E.’s cooldown meter now updates properly to correspond with the cooldown value.


  • Moisty Palms
    • The Rift Beacon at Paradise Palms has created this new POI! In addition to its swampy nature, this Rift Zone is known for being a good place to keep a low profile.
      • While in the Rift Zone, crouching will disguise players as a random prop. They can exit the prop state by using the Primary Fire button.
        • Players are still able to take damage while in prop form.
      • ADS lets players lock in place and look around for unsuspecting victims.
  • Greasy Grove
    • A Rift Zone has brought back Greasy Grove! But this time, Durrr Burger is out, and Tacos are in!
    • Periodically, Spicy Tacos will rain down from the sky. Their smell is so overwhelmingly appetizing that players in the Zone can’t help but dance! 
      • While dancing, players are invulnerable to damage from others and will regenerate health at 20 HP per second.
        • Dancing does not block Storm Damage or regenerate Health in the Storm.
    • Spicy Tacos can be consumed for 10 Effective Health (sum of a player’s Health + Shield) and a temporary increase in movement speed (40% increase for 20 seconds).
      • The Spicy Tacos don’t last long — grab them before they expire!
  • Community Choice
    • Players will get to vote on what’s featured in the Item Shop!
    • The first community vote starts this week. For more information about Community Choice, check out our blog post.

Bug Fixes

  • POIs no longer load at different distances depending on the angle of approach.
  • Resolved an issue in which players would enter edit mode for a building piece that their reticle was not on. 
  • Reviving a squadmate no longer causes the reviver to get disconnected.


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue in which players were able to damage each other on the Playground Hub.


  • Improved the performance of Shield Bubble collisions.


  • When players’ characters are near a wall, they will lower their weapon while in their idle pose.
    • This is to reduce instances in which the hands of players’ characters appear through walls.

Bug Fixes

  • Changed the lace color of the Jets 2019 – 2020 NFL Outfit from white to green to accurately match the real uniforms.
  • The Flowerprint wrap no longer appears incorrectly on assault and sniper rifles.
  • Damaging a tree no longer places a rock texture on its leaves or causes its wood texture to become transparent.


  • Lowered the volume of the open and close sounds of teammates’ Gliders by 50%.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue in which the Battle Bus’ audio would be silent for a short period of time.


Bug Fixes

  • Sending feedback during a replay no longer causes players to get stuck in the Player Reporting or Feedback menu.
  • Eliminating another player using a Junk Rift Triceratops will now indicate that they were sent to the Cretaceous period in the elimination feed. 
    • Previously, the elimination feed would say that they were sent to the Jurassic period, but Triceratops only existed during the Cretaceous period. We apologize for this Tyrannosaurus Wreck of an oversight.


  • Resolved an issue in which mouse controls would not function properly in some replays.
  • Going near ammo no longer causes the “Can’t hold more of this item!” message to appear when this action is shown in replays. 


  • New Settings
    • Building and Editing
      • Players can now adjust the touch sensitivity settings for both building and editing.
    • Toggle Targeting 
      • Sets targeting to be an on/off toggle or a hold.
        • Turning this setting off will require players to hold the ADS to aim. 
          • The setting is turned on by default.
      • Toggle Aim setting now includes touch as well as controllers on mobile.
    • Edit Confirm On Release
      • This setting will allow players to confirm an edit anytime they release their edit selection.
    • Touch Acceleration multiplier 
      • A value of 1 will have full touch look acceleration, and a value of 0 will have no touch look acceleration. 
      • This is is not synonymous with sensitivity. Lower values do not necessarily translate to slower look speeds.
  • New Button
    • Edit Select Reset button
      • This button is located in the HUD Layout Tool.
      • This will reset the edit state of build pieces upon opening them for editing.
  • Added 60 FPS support to the iPhone X.
  • Updated autofire reticle to increase visibility when against high value surfaces.
  • Autofire adjustments to Drum and Tactical Shotgun.
    • Reduced max autofire range to match effective range of projectiles.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue in which weapons would fire automatically after placing a trap.
  • Vending Machines no longer give the incorrect item when using touch input.
    • Known issue: Players using the dedicated pickup button may still receive the wrong item. We are working to resolve this.
  • Team Elimination count will show the accurate amount of eliminations.
  • Fixed an unopenable chest located northeast of the frozen lake in Greasy Grove.
  • Corrected mislabeled B.R.U.T.E. buttons on the HUD.
  • Emoting while driving a B.R.U.T.E. won’t mute all sounds and will not lead to a crash.
  • Closing the Settings menu while still scrolling won’t make it impossible to scroll again when reopening it.
  • Maximum Audio Volume achievable on Android is higher.
  • SFX will now play when shots are fired from the Storm Sniper, Green Assault Rifle, Silenced Pistol, and Hand Cannon.
  • Quick Heal button won’t persist after using the last healing item while in the Storm. It also won’t disappear upon entering the Storm.
  • Low-end devices can see the writing on World Cup trophies.
  • Fire Mode screen will not display pink tiles on Android.
  • In Team Rumble, quick slot input won’t be blocked by the Goal and Elimination counters.
  • We’ve made some graphical and audio improvements for the following:
    • Battle Bus
    • Synapse Outfit
    • B.R.U.T.E. Navigator Outfit
    • Glow Stick Harvesting Tool
    • Renegade Roller Harvesting Tool
    • Axeroni Harvesting Tool 
    • Sparkle Supreme Outfit 
    • Laser Pick Harvesting Tool 
    • Lollipopper Harvesting Tool 
    • Star-Spangled Ranger Outfit 
    • Freestyle Outfit during Emote animations
    • Rift Edge Harvesting Tool 
    • Shifu Outfit 
    • Dynamo Outfit 
    • The AC/DC Harvesting Tool will play the proper SFX in the Locker.
    • Detonator Backbling will now show on players when equipped.
    • Mauler Pickaxe will show swing trail.


  • From hotfix on September 5
    • Made some balance adjustments. The details of these adjustments can be found in our blog post.
  • From hotfix on September 6
    • Teammates’ arrow markers will no longer disappear in large team modes when the teammates are still visible. 
  • From hotfix on September 6
    • Temporarily disabled Ziplines to resolve an issue.
      • We plan to have this issue resolved in the next update.



Heroes & Villains
Show off your allegiance to good or evil with four new Prefabs. Assemble a hero’s mansion or develop your diabolical villain lair.


Vending Machine
Long awaited. Set and customize Vending Machines to match your game.


Class Devices
A highly configurable set of devices that allow you to create your own player classes with unique traits.



  • The My Island settings screen has been updated in terms of layout and visuals. The screen now appears as a tab in the main in-game menu but can also be accessed in the same way as it can be now.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players would occasionally be disconnected when their island saved.
  • Fixed an issue where an island would be invisible and players would be left floating.


  • Added new options to My Island settings:
    • Default Class Identifier: Sets the default Class assigned to players at the start of each round.
      • None, 1-16 (Default: None).
    • Revert Player Class To Default When: Determines when a player’s Class should be reverted to the default Class.
      • Round Ended, Game Ended, Player Eliminated (Default: Game Ended).

Bug Fixes

  • Temporarily removed keybind blocking when Allow Building is set to Off since this was breaking trap placement on some existing islands.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would end immediately if Last Standing was set to On and one team had infinite spawns.
  • Fixed an issue where entering a vehicle that was on top of a rift could cause players to lose some movement functionality after teleporting.
  • Players will no longer get stuck respawning when returning to the hub after spectating in game.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to cancel their prop gun disguise if they tried to cancel while colliding with another object.


  • Added the Legendary Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle to the Creative Inventory.
  • Added the Rare Pistol to the Creative Inventory.
  • Added the Zapper Trap to the Creative Inventory.

Bug Fixes

  • Flags will no longer remain in a player’s inventory after elimination.


  • Added 4 New Prefabs.
    • Villain Lair
    • Decayed Villain Lair
    • Hero Mansion
    • Decayed Hero Mansion
  • Added 6 New Galleries.
    • Villain Lair Gallery
    • Decayed Villain Lair Gallery
    • Hero Mansion Gallery
    • Decayed Hero Mansion Gallery
    • Gray Cliff Grass Gallery
    • Hero/Villain Prop Gallery
  • Added the Dark Purple Car to Car Gallery B.
  • Added a Bat Swarm Particle to Particles Gallery B.

Bug Fixes

  • Changed some crates in the Container Complex Prefab to make them no longer searchable.


  • Increased the number of available Trigger channels from 32 to 50 and the number of available Receivers from 40 to 50.
  • Added Class Designer device.
    • This allows players to define custom player Classes. Each device configures the settings and starting inventory for a single Class.
      • Drop inventory items onto the device to define the starting inventory for the Class.
      • Use in conjunction with the Class Selector device to use Classes during Play mode.
    • Class Name: Specifies a display name for the corresponding Class to be used throughout the UI.
    • Class Identifier: Determines the Class this device’s settings will apply to.
      • None, 1-16 (Default: None).
    • Grant On Respawn: Sets whether the device grants its items to players when they respawn after elimination.
      • On, Off (Default: Off).
    • Visible During Games: On, Off (Default: Off).
    • Bonus Ammo For Weapons: On, Off (Default: On).
    • Starting Health: 1% Health, 50% Health, 100% Health, Invincible, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Max Health: 1 Health, 25 Health, 75 Health, 100 Health, 200 Health, 500 Health, 1000 Health, 2000 Health, 10000 Health, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Starting Shields: Empty Shields, 50% Shields, 100% Shields, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Max Shields: No Shields, 25 Shields, 50 Shields, 75 Shields, 100 Shields, 200 Shields, 500 Shields, 1000 Shields, 2000 Shields, 10000 Shields, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Instant Reload: On, Off, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Infinite Ammo: On, Off, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Infinite Resources: On, Off, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Keep Items When Eliminated: Drop, Keep, Delete, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Keep Resources When Eliminated: Drop, Keep, Delete, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Fall Damage: On, Off, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Gravity: Very Low, Low, Normal, High, Very High, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Jump Fatigue: On, Off, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Player Flight: On, Off, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Player Names & Location: Always Show, Always Hide, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Glider Redeploy: On, Off, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Down But Not Out: Default, On, Off, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Allow Building: On, Off, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Respawn Time: 1-30 Seconds, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Spawns: Infinite, 1-10, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Health Granted on Elimination: 0, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Wood Granted on Elimination: 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 100, 250, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Stone Granted on Elimination: 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 100, 250, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Metal Granted on Elimination: 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 100, 250, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Maximum Building Resources: 0, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 450, 500, 750, 999, 2000, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Allow Item Drop: Yes, No, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Allow Item Pick Up: Yes, No, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Harvest Rate: 0x, 0.1x, 0.5x, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
    • Spawn Immunity Time: 0 Seconds, 1 Second, 2 Seconds, 5 Seconds, 10 Seconds, 20 Seconds, 30 Seconds, 40 Seconds, 50 Seconds, 1 Minute, 2 Minutes, 5 Minutes, 10 Minutes, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
  • Added Class Selector device.
    • This creates a zone that switches players to a specific Class.
    • Class Identifier: Determines which Class players will switch to when they enter the zone. If set to None, players entering the zone will revert to having no Class.
      • None, 1-16 (Default: None).
    • Team: Determines which team can activate the device.
      • Any, 1-16 (Default: Any).
    • Time To Switch: Sets the time the player needs remain within the device’s zone before a Class switch will be applied to the player.
      • Instant, 1 Second, 2 Seconds, 3 Seconds, 4 Seconds, 5 Seconds, 6 Seconds, 7 Seconds, 8 Seconds, 9 Seconds, 10 Seconds, 15 Seconds, 20 Seconds (Default: 3 Seconds).
    • Respawn Player On Switch: Determines whether the device will force a respawn after setting the player to a new Class.
      • On, Off (Default: Off).
    • Size Of Volume: 0.5 Meters, 1 Meter, 2 Meters, 3 Meters, 4 Meters, 5 Meters, 10 Meters, 15 Meters, 20 Meters, 30 Meters, 40 Meters, 50 Meters (Default: 1 Meter).
    • Volume Visible In Game: Determines whether the device’s zone is visible during the game.
      • On, Off (Default: On).
    • Visible In Game: Determines whether the device is visible during the game.
      • On, Off (Default: On).
    • Accent Color: Team Color, White, Sky Blue, Red-Orange, Golden, Apple Green, Fuchsia, Orange, Aquamarine, Beige, Purple, Neon Green, Cerulean, Silver, Aqua, Pink, Green (Default: Aqua).
    • Enabled: Will be enabled during these game phases.
      • Disabled, Enabled, Pre-Game Only, Gameplay Only (Default: Gameplay Only).
    • Transmitter Support:
      • When Class Switched Transmit On: Transmits a signal on the selected channel when a player switches to a Class through this device.
        • No Channel, 1-50 (Default: No Channel).
    • Receiver Support:
      • Enable When Receiving From: No Channel, 1-50 (Default: No Channel).
      • Disable When Receiving From: No Channel, 1-50 (Default: No Channel).
      • Change Player To Class when Receiving From: Changes the instigating player to the Class specified by this device on receiving a signal from the selected channel.
        • No Channel, 1-50 (Default: No Channel).
  • Added Custom Vending Machines.
    • This allows players to place a Vending Machine and customize which items can be purchased based on material costs.
    • Drop Items next to the Vending Machine after placing it to add them to the device. Items will become accessible to players in the order they are added to the Vending Machine.
    • The first item registered will consume Wood resources from the player’s inventory to purchase, the second will consume Stone and the third will consume Metal.
    • Cost of First Item in Wood: No Cost, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 200, 220, 240, 260, 280, 300, 320, 340, 360, 380, 400, 420, 440, 460, 480, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 800, 900, 999 (Default: No Cost).
    • Cost of Second Item in Stone: No Cost, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 200, 220, 240, 260, 280, 300, 320, 340, 360, 380, 400, 420, 440, 460, 480, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 800, 900, 999 (Default: No Cost).
    • Cost of Third Item in Metal: No Cost, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 200, 220, 240, 260, 280, 300, 320, 340, 360, 380, 400, 420, 440, 460, 480, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 800, 900, 999 (Default: No Cost).
    • Bonus Ammo for Weapons: On, Off (Default: On).
    • Enabled on Game Start: Enabled, Disabled (Default: Enabled).
    • Receiver Support.
      • Enable When Receiving From: No Channel, 1-50 (Default: No Channel).
      • Disable When Receiving From: No Channel, 1-50 (Default: No Channel).
      • Spawn Item When Receiving From: No Channel, 1-50 (Default: No Channel).
      • Cycle to Next Item When Receiving From: No Channel, 1-50 (Default: No Channel).
    • Transmitter Support.
      • When Item Spawned Transmit On: No Channel, 1-50 (Default: No Channel).
  • Added Trigger & Receiver options to the Capture Item Spawner.
    • Transmitter Support:
      • When Item Dropped Transmit On: Transmits a signal on the selected channel when the Capture Item has been dropped.
        • No Channel, 1-50 (Default: No Channel).
      • When Item Captured Transmit On: Transmits a signal on the selected channel when the Capture Item is “captured” at a Capture Area.
        • No Channel, 1-50 (Default: No Channel).
    • Receiver Support:
      • Enable When Receiving From: No Channel, 1-50 (Default: No Channel).
      • Disable When Receiving From: No Channel, 1-50 (Default: No Channel).
  • Added New HUD and Text options to the Ball Spawner device.
    • This allows you to show players where the ball is via a Badge Icon, as well as giving the ability to add visible text depending on team assignments in game
    • HUD Icon: None, Badge Style (Default: None).
    • Friendly Team: All Neutral, Any, 1-16, All Hostile (Default: All Neutral).
    • Team Visibility: Any, 1-16, All Hostile, All Neutral, All Friendly (Default: Any).
    • HUD Icon Identifier: None, A-D, W-Z (Default: None).
    • Requires Line of Sight: Yes, No (Default: Yes).
    • Hide HUD Icon At: 2m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 30m, 50m, 100m, 150m, 200m, 250m, 500m (Default: 20m).
    • Hostile Icon Text Field: Specifies text to display to Hostile players.
    • Friendly Icon Text Field: Specifies text to display to Friendly players.
    • Neutral Icon Text Field: Specifies text to display to Neutral players.
    • HUD Text Size: 1x, 1.5x, 2x (Default: 1x).
    • Receiver Support
      • Hide HUD On Received From: No Channel, 1-50 (Default: No Channel).
      • Show HUD On Received From: No Channel, 1-50 (Default: No Channel).
  • Added a new option to the Item Spawner device.
    • Continuously Spawn Items: Allows additional items to keep spawning even if previously spawned items are still in play.
      • On, Off (Default: Off).
  • Added new option to the Team Settings & Inventory device.
    • Default Class Identifier: Sets the default Class assigned to players on the selected Team at the start of each round.
      • None, 1-16, Do Not Override (Default: Do Not Override).
  • Added new option to Basic Storm Controller and Advanced Storm Controller devices.
    • On Finish Behavior: Determines what should happen to the storm when it finishes its final phase.
      • Stay, Destroy Instantly, Destroy in 5 Seconds, Destroy in 10 seconds, Destroy in 15 seconds, Destroy in 30 seconds, Destroy in 60 seconds, Destroy in 2 minutes, Destroy in 3 minutes, Destroy in 4 minutes, Destroy in 5 minutes (Default: Stay)
  • Added a new option to the Creature Manager device.
    • Movement Speed: Very Slow, Slow, Fast, Very Fast (Default: Fast).
  • Added new values to the Time From Round Start option in the HUD Message Device.
    • 6 minutes, 7 minutes, 8 minutes, 9 minutes, 10 minutes.
  • Added new options to the Capture Area Device.
    • Enabled on Phase: All, Pre-Game Only, Gameplay Only, None (Default: All)
    • Enable when Receiving From: No Channel, Channel 1 – 16 (Default: No Channel)
    • Disable when Receiving From: No Channel, Channel 1 – 16 (Default: No Channel)
    • Consume Item on Scoring: Yes, No (Default: Yes)
    • Consume Item when Dropped: Yes, No (Default: Yes)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where consumables were not properly collected when spawned by the Item Spawner device with ‘Run over pickup’ enabled.
  • Allow Building Damage option in the Team Settings device now overrides the My Island settings correctly.
  • Disabled aim assist on Ball Spawner balls.
  • Players will no longer see a red box visible in game after placing a Random Number Generator device.
  • The Storm Circle from the Advanced Storm Controller will not return to being visible after fully closing in game.
  • Fixed an issue where Sentries would still be able to fire at players while inside a Weapon Free Zone.
  • Fixed an issue where the Warm-up Only setting on the Barrier Device would not work prior to game start.
  • Fixed an issue where the When Item Picked Up Transmit On transmitter on the Capture Item Spawner device wouldn’t transmit when the Capture Item in use was the Flag.
  • Item Spawner previews now accurately reflect the Set Item Scale option.
  • Fixed an issue with Explosive Device proximity being triggered when the game starts.
  • Fixed an issue where the Capture Area was not consuming items when it became enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the Capture Area was pulsing but no score was being granted.
  • Fixed an issue where the Particles inside large Capture Areas became invisible when moving away from the center.
  • Fixed an issue with Team Visibility settings for the Explosive Barrel.
  • Fixed an issue where the Explosive Barrel could be destroyed while in the warmup phase.
  • Fixed an issue where damage particles were visible when hitting an invisible Objective Device.


  • Added a second way to access the My Island settings menu from the Creative Inventory. You can now open the menu and start a game just as quick as you can select a device to place on your island.
  • Added a Clear Items button to the following devices to remove all inventory items previously dropped on the device: Capture Area, Capture Item Spawner, and Class Designer.  This will be rolled out to more devices in future releases.

Bug Fixes

  • The UI now displays a warning when a player has reached a device limit.
  • Players are able to remove an island with the same name as the currently loaded island.
  • The scrolling speed on certain inventory tabs is consistent.



Penny Hits the Road Part 2
This week, help Penny make her way to the Radio Station in this edge-of-your-seat sequel where things get a little bit weird. Load up the truck and gather your group because it’s time to Hit the Road with a new weekly quest.


Field Agent Rio Returns
Get ready to load up the Phase Cannon and Phase Blast the Husks! Field Agent Rio Returns to the Event Store!



  • This week brings a special new quest to “Hit the Road” courtesy of Lars and his love of all things musical. Check your quest log for more information!
  • Removed some of the potential enemy spawn directions from several amplifiers in the Twine Peaks Storm Shield Defense map.
    • Removed “crossed” spawns that caused structures to be destroyed on Husk spawn. This made specific spawns very difficult to build enough defenses to survive certain waves.
  • Dialog will now appear if players attempt to start a Storm Shield Defense mission while their Storm Shield fort is still being disassembled. The fort must be stable (no more ongoing edits) before a mission / wait for assistance action can be started.
  • Pure Drop of Rain rewards for power level 140 missions have increased by 25%.
    • Example: a 64 Pure Drops of Rain reward prior to this update will now reward 80 Pure Drops of Rain.
  • For 4 Player Missions starting at power level 108, evolution material and PERK-UP rewards have been increased across the board. Some examples below: 
    • A 4 Player Mission that would have rewarded 168 Pure Drops of Rain in a power level 108 zone prior to the 10.30 update will now reward 256 Pure Drops of Rain. 
    • A 4 Player Mission that would have rewarded 168 Pure Drops of Rain in a power level 140 zone prior to the 10.30 update will now reward 320 Pure Drops of Rain. 
    • A 4 Player Mission that would have rewarded 164 Epic PERK-UP in a PL 108 zone prior to the 10.30 update will now reward 204 Epic PERK-UP.
    • A 4 Player Mission that would have rewarded 164 Epic PERK-UP in a PL 140 zone prior to the 10.30 update will now reward 248 Epic PERK-UP.
    • Note: These are just examples. You may find yourself earning more or less than these examples depending on mission objective performance. Review this blog post for more information! 

Bug Fixes

  • Players are now much less likely to spawn next to encampments at the start of a mission.
  • Players can now “find the meteor” from the bottom of the crater in the Comet Jr. quest.


  • Added animated scrolling in the Item Management menus.
  • Added the SMG weapon type to Armory Wall behind Clip in the Armory screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Emotes that are attached to specific BR outfits are no longer selectable from the emote wheel as they are unplayable.
  • Reduced clutter that resulted from text on the PSA loading screens conflicting with the tips banner. 
  • The fast forward effect now displays correctly when opening Llamas.
  • Hero displays now properly update when changing the Commander of the current Hero Loadout.
  • Fixed flashing text in the Item Inspect screen that caused Hero abilities to overlap for a small amount of time.
  • The Trap durability UI no longer displays the incorrect number.
  • Players will no longer unintentionally navigate through the front end while the social panel is open. 
  • The page button prompts will now correctly show in the lobby emote wheel when using the “Builder Pro” controller configuration.
  • The Llama opening results will no longer show additional incorrect copies of an item.
  • The UI in “Resupply” missions now displays correctly after completing all primary objectives.
  • Corrected grammatical errors in the Expeditions text


  • Field Agent Rio shifts back into the Event Store!
    • Standard Perk: Phase Cannon
      • Using Phase Shift causes your next ranged weapon shot to fire a Phase Pulse, dealing 31 base Energy Damage and piercing enemies.
    • Commander Perk: Phase Cannon +
      • Using Phase Shift causes your next ranged weapon shot to fire a Phase Pulse, dealing 93 base Energy Damage and piercing enemies.
    • Team Perk: Phase Blaster
      • Every 5 seconds, your next shot will fire a Phase Pulse which deals 47 base Energy Damage.
    • Available in the Event store starting September 11 at 8 PM Eastern Time.
  • Ragnarok slams back into action!
    • Standard Perk: Return to Sender
      • Seismic Smash returns to its origin point. Decreases Seismic Smash Damage and Impact by 25%.
    • Commander Perk: Return to Sender +
      • Seismic Smash returns to its origin point. Increases Seismic Smash Damage and Impact by 125%.
    • Team Perk: Slow your Roll
      • Freeze melee attackers for 2 seconds. Mist Monsters are slowed by 43%.
    • Available from completing the “Limited Edition” quest.
  • Bladestorm Enforcer flips back into battle!
    • Standard Perk: Kunaihilation
      • Daggers from Kunai Storm explode shortly after impact, dealing 4 base Energy Damage in a .25 tile radius.
    • Commander Perk: Kunaihilation +
      • Daggers from Kunai Storm explode shortly after impact, dealing 8 base Energy Damage in a .5 tile radius.
    • Team Perk: Endless Shadow
      • For each Nina with 3 or more stars, Increases Shadow Stance Duration by 4 seconds.
    • Available from completing the “Limited Edition” quest.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a typo in Breakbeat Wildcat’s description.
  • B.A.S.E.’s placement animation can no longer be skipped by switching weapons.
  • Fixed Constructor animations while in the lobby.
  • Mantis Leap correctly deals damage after using a Leap Attack while the Leaping Ninjas Storm modifier is active.
  • Bull Rush will no longer launch enemies farther than expected when they are Bull Rushed into an Encampment.
  • Ragnarok, Thunder Thora, and Field Agent Rio now take up inventory space.
  • R.O.S.I.E. can no longer be placed on an encampment.


Bug Fixes

  • Updated Steam Thrasher to correctly apply damage bonuses on the Maelstrom Heavy Attack for Scythes instead of Hardware.
  • Fix issues with Crescendo’s charging and max charge VFX sometimes not playing properly on all clients.
  • The Beat Blaster schematic now correctly takes up inventory space and can be recycled.
  • The V6 Launcher’s reload effect now plays for all players in the mission.
  • The Tiny Instrument of Death rocket now disappears correctly after exploding.
  • Fixed camera shake sometimes not stopping after using Leap Attack.


  • Added a new Storm Alert modifier “Powerful SMG’s”.

Bug Fixes

  • Patrol points now properly despawn after showing up on the map.
  • Nature-charged Riot Huskies no longer fail to block attacks.


Bug Fixes

  • Nature elemental VFX no longer linger on a Riot Husk’s Shield while dancing.


Bug Fixes

  • Updated vehicle (Cars, Buses, Trucks, etc.) impact sounds with more unique content per vehicle type.
  • Updated Blaster sounds to add better environmental audio perspective during combat.
  • Updated the audio for the Van lift-off sequence in Ride the Lightning. 
  • Fixed issue with the Husk Dancing music not stopping when eliminated.
  • Updated sounds for Husks being launched from floor / wall launcher traps.
  • Music and sound volume issues have been adjusted while DBNO. 
  • Updated the bonus failed sound to a shorter sound to help sync with UI feedback.


Bug Fixes

  • Structures no longer remain bright yellow.
  • Resolved an issue in which Xbox One players may have frequently encountered an error message that sent them back to the console menu when trying to launch the game. 


  • Optimized level streaming on Switch to ensure that buildings load in fully before players land. 
    • Please note that this will make the patch larger than normal.
  • Reduced the initial load time on Switch. Starting up the game will approximately be 10 seconds faster.
  • Improved activation time on Xbox One. This shortens the time before the loading screen appears.
  • Improved the performance of buildings’ wobble animation.


Fortnite players are using these trickshot strategies to rotate

Pro Fortnite players are taking a page out of the trick-shotting book.



Rotating in competitive Fortnite has gone through a ton of iterations. We had the days of the Baller, the Shockwaves, the Shadow Bombs, and, of course, the post-Launch Pad removal days when people would just have an unspoken truce while they walked to the next circle.

Players are always trying to find a safe and reliable way to make it to the next zone without getting shot. For a while, the best way to do this has been with the short-pad. This involves building a ramp over a Launch Pad so that it shoots you straight rather than into the air.

With the addition of Crash Pads into the competitive loot pool, however, players are beginning to use them in conjunction with Launch Pads to jump further while remaining safe. Here’s one example from YouTuber OrangeGuy, although there are easier variations to pull off.

OrangeGuy got some flack for this tweet from players who said “trick-shotters have been doing this since Crash Pads came out.” This is true – they have been – but they’ve been using the strategy in a much flashier way.

Now, competitive players can use the strategy – not to hit crazy shots but to move to the next zone. Here’s a much easier and quicker way to use this strategy than what OrangeGuy showcased.

We’re sure that pros will continue to innovate on this strategy – as always – and we’ll be here to showcase some of the more interesting variants. Until we inevitably find a new one – this strategy is one of the best ways to make it to the next zone in a hurry.

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What to expect when cars enter Fortnite

Cars are coming to Fortnite on August 5. Here’s how they’ll work.



Finally, the long wait is over. Cars are coming to Fortnite on August 5. Epic announced their release in a series of tweets on August 3 and 4, hyping up the community for what might be the most anticipated release of Fortnite Chapter 2.

Since the community has been waiting for cars for so long, data miners have been giving players what they want in the way of leaks as to how these cars will perform. For instance, we know that there will be four different types of cars in the game. Epic are releasing the names of these cars as promotion for their release, but FortTory gave us the stats back in June.

As many players already know, you’ll need to refuel the cars while you drive around. You can already see the gas station icons scattered around the map while using a boat or Choppa – the former is disabled at the time of writing, although it had been visible for weeks.

We also know a bit about the mechanics of cars. You will, reportedly, be able to gain metal by using the tire skid mechanic to run into things. The maximum speed will likely depend on the car, but will, reportedly, top-out at 45 mph.

Predictably, cars will damage players when they explode. The numbers in the game files were 200 damage to a player – enough to one-shot. This could be changed when the cars come out, however.

According to some of the additional leaks, the number of cars that spawn around the map will vary from game to game. There will be at least one on the map at all times and a maximum of 10.

Again, this could change and may have been a placeholder, as this particular piece of information comes from a couple of months ago when cars were first found in the game files.

Of course, all of this is subject to change. We’ll know everything for sure when the new patch releases tomorrow, August 5. We’ll have you covered with everything you need to know about cars when they make their way into Fortnite, so stay tuned!

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Original Content

A game of chess: an interview with a Fortnite cheat developer

We spoke with a cheat developer about cheating in Fortnite, the Fortnite anti-cheat, and the mentality of a cheat developer.



On July 31, we covered the story of a Fortnite player known as Bman. Bman was exposed for allegedly using cheats during the Bugha Cup and Cash Cups leading up to this tournament. His trio teammates in the Bugha Cup were the ones to expose him.

Zykoma, one of Bman’s former teammates, tweeted several clips that showed Bman tracking players that should be invisible to him. In the tweet, he wrote, “I’m posting this to show how easily these hacks are accessible and can go multiple tournaments undetected.”

After discussing the topic with the players involved, I was sent some information on how Bman got these cheats. One thing led to another and I found myself in a Discord server for a cheat developer – selling cheats for Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends. I was directed to one of the Discord admins and creators of the cheats. For the purpose of this article, he will be referred to as “Clay,” to avoid potential misuse of this feature for promotional purposes.

Clay agreed to be interviewed and provided some insight into cheating in Fortnite along with general information about himself and why he does what he does. According to Clay, he and his partner(s) sell one of the only effective cheats that gets through the Fortnite anti-cheat. He could not confirm nor deny whether these were the cheats that Bman used before his disqualification from the Bugha Cup.

I went into this conversation thinking that Clay would talk about the abundance of cheaters in Fortnite and how easy it is to get around their anti-cheat. I thought I’d find someone who just wants to watch the world burn – sending as many cheaters into a game as they could. As it turns out, neither assumption ended up being true. Let’s get into it.

An interview with a Fortnite cheat developer

People are calling out the Fortnite anti-cheat. Would the Valorant anti-cheat detect this type of cheat? I know that’s supposed to be much more advanced than other games.

The Valorant anti-cheat is definitely good, presumably the best anti-cheat since ESEA, both insanely invasive in ways that the communities have already found out about without any developers having to prove.

It’s highly unlikely that any anti-cheat can detect our cheat(s) as it’s operating at an extremely low level compared to what they’re used to, and if they could see how we do it then they’d most likely steal some of our ideas.

In Fortnite – with public tournaments and open qualifiers – there seems to be a lot more incentive to use cheats to earn money. The same is true for developing cheats, I assume.

To be honest, we love what we do, and making money is simply an addition to it, we don’t do this for a living or else we’d have many more customers.

Cheating has been around since forever, it has definitely changed and evolved from even year-to-year, but it’s still cheating. The difference is definitely huge between players using it for content or public matches, as opposed to using it to earn tons of money but along with that, there are also greater risks. When you start trying to use third-party software or even non-tool assisted cheating for money, that’s when legal actions begin to become a risk.

You said you do it for the love of the game and not for the money. What do you love about it? Getting around the system? Trying to have the best product?

Bypassing anti-cheats is a hobby, similar to how cheating in games is a hobby. It’s enjoyable to bypass something that isn’t supposed to be bypassed, and ahead of that we also provide for someone else’s hobby which is cheating in a game. The money made isn’t important, it’s a bonus to what we do.

We don’t even try to compete to have the best product, we’re known for having the most secure products for many years now but we don’t even attempt to mass-sell or advertise what we do, it simply comes to us because of how well we do it. It’s simply a hobby, and when you do it well, people realize it.

Besides, when we see anti-cheats doing illegal stuff like pulling information from user’s computers or even dumping memory – we want them to realize we can see what they’re doing. What we do is just as illegal as what they do, probably even less illegal as they’re doing it to millions of players. Well, it would be illegal but no one cares about the TOS each player agrees to. I guess cheaters and RE’s (reverse engineers) just enjoy being on the opposite side.

The prices you list are quite expensive for a hobby. What do you think people get out of cheating in a game if not money and notoriety? Calling it a hobby suggests that people are doing it for fun – not trying to earn money or make a name for themselves.

There are definitely people who just cheat as a hobby, it may require an investment but when there’s only one undetected cheat – people are willing to pay any price. Of course, there are people who also do it to gain an advantage and win tournaments, but those rarely ever continuously cheat.

Would you say that yours is the only undetectable cheat in a particular game?

In the specific game we’re talking about (Fortnite), yes. At least the only one undetected that isn’t extremely private and selling for over $2,000 a month.

Okay. So in your opinion, cheating in Fortnite isn’t as widespread as people seem to think it is? Right now, a lot of pros are suspicious.

Cheating with third-party programs isn’t as big as people think it is. There may be other forms of cheating, but not with third-party programs like this, as it’s extremely rare or difficult for someone to get their hands on something like this.

I did see someone named “Zygama” (Zykoma) or something like that saying something along the lines of “I want to spread awareness to show how easy it is for people to get cheats that can go multiple tournaments without being banned.” This is extremely false.

I’m in contact with many other developers and well-known cheaters who have tried numerous cheats and created cheats who haven’t even been able to go a few days without getting banned.

The cheat we’re offering isn’t something out of the ordinary, and we aren’t regular RE’s with basic knowledge. We’ve been making cheats for over a decade, and to make this cheat as safe and undetected as it has cost us many weeks of reversing and studying how the anti-cheats work, luckily we didn’t go out of our general knowledge as everything they do – we’ve already seen in previous anti-cheats.

Do you play Fortnite or any of the other games you have cheats for? When you do play, do you cheat?

I personally don’t play the games, or if I do play them it’s only with intentions to add/debug something about the cheat. I’m not entirely a gamer, not anymore at least.

“It bothers me when people say ‘fix your anti-cheat’ to developers who work day and night to catch a cheat that snuck past what they took months developing.”

Would you ever switch sides and work for the good guys, catching cheaters and making anti-cheats?

Creating an anti-cheat was something a colleague and I have thought about, but there’s something better about being the “bad guys”.

Besides, when you’re working on this side of the field not only are you learning the tricks anti-cheat developers are using, but you’re also using your full knowledge to create new ideas while also understanding other’s ideas. Which is something anti-cheat developers can’t do, unless they get access to that specific cheat.

I will say that it bothers me when people say “fix your anticheat” to developers who work day and night to catch a cheat that snuck past what they took months developing. They truly work hard, but it’s not an easy task to get rid of every single cheat available to people. Then when certain cheats like this one comes up, that they’ve never seen before or have an idea how it works – they can’t do anything but spend half of their salary on getting their hands on the cheat to detect it.

This cheat is definitely going to be something head-breaking for them to solve though, and they will learn a lot from it if, and only if they are able to figure out even a small portion of it.

I want to get back to the prevalence of cheating in Fortnite. This past weekend the topic blew up with the FNCS. Has anything changed or is that statement still true?

I don’t know of any cheats that are undetected, at all – other than us. I think Fortnite cheating is really dead, and I don’t see it taking any turn anytime soon. Specifically speaking about third-party program cheating, because other forms of cheating may definitely be common.

Of course, teaming and all of that, but we’ve seen a ton of clips of players with “suspicious” aim and tracking from this weekend. Do you think players are seeing something in clips that isn’t there or are more players actually using cheats?

We opened 5 slots prior to all of these tournaments. I’m not claiming any of those users are my customers and there have been numerous clips of people having suspicious aim who are simply just good.

It’s highly unlikely that these users are cheating, but I do think Fortnite is becoming scared of what’s going on and are enforcing bans without their anti-cheat picking up a clue. They’re definitely desperate to clean up their game, but as I said it’s highly unlikely that these players are using cheats unless they’re paying what they make from the tournaments to only keep the publicity.

Can you clarify what the “slots” mean?

We have limited slots for each product we offer in order to prevent an abundance of cheaters, it’s also an easier and more secure way to handle the cheats as opposed to mass-selling it. Usually, we have 25 slots for our products, but for Fortnite, we’d like it a bit more private as there are no other cheats that offer the security we offer.

Really, so at one time only 5 people were cheating using your cheats during the FNCS?

Correct, as I said it’s very rare to have secure cheats and we don’t want to hurt the game any more than we already do.

“This is definitely like a game of chess though, and I hope they’re enjoying it the way I am; except I’m a few moves ahead at the moment.”

You have an interesting stance on game development. Not wanting to hurt the game, standing up for anti-cheat developers, etc.

Truth is I like what I do, I’m not attempting to hurt anyone by doing this. There is a lot that could be bragged about, but there’s a limit to when you can brag.

The anti-cheat developers are trying their hardest, but there’s always someone who’s better, just as I’m sure there’s someone better than us – they just haven’t shown up yet. This is definitely like a game of chess though, and I hope they’re enjoying it the way I am; except I’m a few moves ahead at the moment.

The takeaway

My primary takeaway from this conversation was this: according to (self-proclaimed) one of the only successful Fortnite cheat providers on the internet, there aren’t a ton of cheaters in Fortnite, especially in official tournaments. There are, undoubtedly, people using third-party cheats in Fortnite tournaments, but they aren’t nearly as common as the professional community seems to think.

What’s more, the Fortnite anti-cheat – which has been getting a lot of flack from pros – is one of the better systems in gaming. It might not be as sophisticated as some, but it’s far better than the anti-cheat in other popular games. According to Clay, their cheats wouldn’t even be registered by the most stringent anti-cheats in gaming, anyway. If you take his claims at face value, then you acknowledge that he’s creating a cheat – unseen in gaming until now.

Cheating will always be a part of gaming. As Clay told me, it’s a game of chess between cheat and anti-cheat developers. There will always be people like Clay, who enjoy skirting the system by developing cheats. There will always be players who purchase these cheats as a way to gain an advantage – or to, simply, anger other players.

I decided to look at the silver lining of the information we received: cheating in Fortnite isn’t that bad. Third-party cheating Fortnite tournaments seems to be even less of an issue.

Sure, some people will get away with it and Epic can’t keep up with everyone. As players, all we can do is keep an eye out and report what we see without getting too paranoid. As Ballatw stated in a tweet, false and frivolous accusations only harm the community.

This appears to be the end of my communication with Clay, for now. He claims to have no knowledge of any particular players who are cheating in Fortnite – although I have my doubts about that. I wouldn’t expect him to admit it if he did. I’m taking some of his claims with a grain of salt, but feel as though he has no reason to lie about most of what he told me.

Hopefully, this interview gives players and developers alike more of an insight into the world of hacking in video games – specifically in Fortnite. Fortnite players can take some comfort in the knowledge that the anti-cheat is strong and catches most of the wrongdoers.

Some cheaters will always slip through the cracks, but those who use third-party software in tournaments are subject to legal action. It’s a huge risk that carries more of a punishment than public humiliation if a player is caught.

I can only hope that this information helps to give some competitive Fortnite players peace of mind, dissuades potential cheaters, and informs those who were interested ideology of a cheat developer. I’ll be answering some questions on the FortniteINTEL Twitter account, so make sure to follow us there.

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