It’s almost Patch Notes time, the best time of the week in Fortnite and the v10.20 update promises to be a good one.

The next major Fortnite update is coming at 4 AM ET (0800 UTC) on August 27th. This patch will bring downtime which marks a sizable update to the game.

We know at least one brand new shield being added to Fortnite with the announcement of the Shield Bubble coming in this update.

Will the BRUTE be nerfed again in the v10.20 update?

Probably not. With recent nerfs to the BRUTE being enacted during the middle of the week, it is unlikely we will see any other changes to the mech during this update.

Despite the communities mass protest of the vehicle, the BRUTE appears to be here to stay for a while. Even the nerfs which were patched in over the weekend were mass downvoted on /r/FortniteBR showing that the community wasn’t going to be satiated by small changes after weeks of protest.

The FortniteBR community is this close to showing up outside of Epic HQ

As a result, it is unlikely Epic chooses to make any major changes to the BRUTE again as the only result the community seems to be searching for is an outright vault. Adding a new shield is a good choice from Epic as this new portable shield feels like a solid counter to the BRUTE, if there were more of those to begin with this may have not gotten so out of hand.

It is likely some other weapons or items will make their way to the vault, Epic doesn’t like to crowd the loot pool too much and this seems like a good update to clear out some lesser used weapons or items.

What do you think changes with the patch notes tomorrow?

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