Fortnite will coming to Twitchcon 2019 with a Rivals tourney and Epic Games is looking promote influencers in a new ‘Spotlight Series.’

Epic Games, after the launch of Season X, has been laser focused on getting the next wave of competitive & promotional events set up. The Fortnite World Cup was a successful event, but wasn’t without its problems. Epic seeks to build upon their successes with new tournaments.

In a blog post, the studio released information about their intentions to run a streamer tourney at Twitchcon 2019 as well as the launch of the influencer Spotlight Series.

Fortnite Twitch Rivals coming to Twitchcon 2019

Twitchcon 2019 kicks off on September 27. With just over a month before the festival, Epic has revealed info about Fortnite’s appearances.

In a competitive blog post on the Fortnite website, the developers gave the first details of the next Twitch Rivals tournament. The competition will take place in-person at Twitchcon 2019 with dozens of your favorite streamers.

It’s a two round event with a Twitch Rivals Open for starters and then a Twitch Rivals Showdown final.

In a surprise twist, players who attend Twitchcon can stop by the Twitch Rivals booth to get a chance to play alongside the streamers. It’s an amazing opportunity to meet with influential players & get to know them while you compete.

While it’s not an esports event, it’s still going to be a fierce competition between friends that you won’t want to miss.

Fortnite Spotlight Series announced

Fortnite Spotlight Series

Within the same blog post, Epic also mentioned the arrival of the ‘Fortnite Spotlight Series.’ The series will feature “top content creators” from a specific region, starting with Oceania.

As with Twitch Rivals, this is an invitational event as opposed to a competitive esports competition.

Epic announced the prize pool for the competition to be $480,000 AUD (about $325,000 US dollars). The event’s purpose is to promote influencers in their own regions and give them a chance to shine.

The events will run for eight weeks before presumably switching to another region. The first Oceania event starts on August 26.