The Turbo Building fiasco in Fortnite Battle Royale might finally be coming to an end.

Ever since Epic Games released a nerf to Fortnite’s Turbo Building in the v10.20 patch, a number of community members were up-in-arms over the decision.

Just one day later, Epic Games decided to revert the changes after the mass of negative feedback they received which came as a surprise to many. Yet, it turned out that the revert also caused issues with Turbo Building.

On Friday, August 30, it appears that Epic Games have finally found an answer to the pesky Turbo Building problem and deployed a hotfix to fix it.

The full statement can be found below:

“We’ve identified the reason for Turbo Building feeling inconsistent for some players after our August 28th adjustments.

We’ve released a hotfix to mitigate this issue and will release a lasting fix in our next client update.

Thanks to everyone who gave us footage and info!”

While we don’t exactly know what was wrong with Turbo Build, Fortnite players can rest assured that they need not worry about changing their entire gameplan.

Epic Games continues to be in hot water with community members following various new additions in Fortnite Season 10. Although both the BRUTE and Turbo Building were eventually fixed, some players believe that the developer might be going too far.

What do you think of Fortnite Season 10 thus far? Should Epic Games continue to change Fortnite the way they always have, or should they take a new approach for Season 11? Let us know below!

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