Last weekend was the first Fortnite Trios Cash Cup, a deviation from the normal solo and duo Fortnite competitions.

It didn’t go great.

Issues surrounded the run up to the event which caused multiple bugs and had Epic removing features of the game altogether.

First the Storm Flip was disabled which was weird but not a huge concern altogether. Then another bug was causing players to not drop the 50 materials they should have been after being eliminated.

While trying to fix that issue, Epic encountered another problem and decided to drop harvest rates and remove the material drop for the entire weekend.

If you check out the replies to that tweet, you can see that community members weren’t happy about the change, especially because it came so close to the start of the tournament.

But that is the life of a Fortnite pro, take whatever changes Epic wants to hit you with and play anyway.

And play they did, many top-flight players placed in the top ten when the results were finished. Zayt, Saf and Bizzle finished first in NA with Dubs and Megga right behind them. Further down the list you can find Zexrow and Tfue.

Over in EU, Osmo, Kylixx and ares took first place. Trios from Gambit, Solary, TrainH and SNS all reached the top ten.

Now those trios will have a chance to run it back. Next weekend the trios tournament will return making sure we didn’t go even one weekend without competitive Fortnite before the World Cup begins in two weeks.

The big event is looming just around the corner

A one-day tournament will be held on July 21st to showcase the trios mode once again. It isn’t clear how that will work right now. The past tournament featured a two day set up like the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers with the top 3,000 people moving on to Sunday.

This one could just take the 3,000 qualifiers, or just make the whole thing a one day free-for-all.

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