14 Days of Summer has passed it halfway mark and continues to blaze a path through Fortnite history. Another excellent daily challenge has been added and requires that players complete a prior challenge first.

The 14 Days event truly sits king among Fortnite’s latest occasions. Variety always spices things up and Epic’s got a nice mix of content that doesn’t feel stale. We’re excited to see what else they’ve got in store going into Season 10!


As for the daily challenge for July 3rd, you’ll be using the Driftboard to hit some sick tricks. Haven’t drifted before in Fortnite? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the easiest way to complete the task.

Score Trick Points with Neon Tropics Driftboard

Alright, today’s challenges stands as an outlier among our recent objectives. Similar to some Fortbyte challenges, you’ll need to unlock a previous challenge’s reward first. The challenge in question is the ‘Search unicorn floaties at swimming holes‘ task.

Afterwards, you’ll have unlocked the Neon Tropics Wrap. This’ll be used in completing the latest 14 Days challenge.

Neon Tropics Fortnite Wrap

July 3rd’s challenge tasks you with scoring 250,000 trick points with a Neon Tropics Driftboard. While this may seem like an astronomical number, it’s actually quite low since trick points are quite easy to come by.

Remember to equip the wrap in your locker and hop into any core mode or Team Rumble. From there, you’ll want to locate a Driftboard. These are scatted around the map much more densely for the 14 Days event. One such spawn location is on the east side of Loot Lake where the river meets the crater.

Summer themed Driftboard

While you could flip around in the air or fly off high up ramps, there’s an even easier way to complete this. Season 9’s slipstreams aren’t just effective for transportation purposes, you can also use them for land millions of trick points.

Simply position yourself under one of the Slipstreams, jump to tilt yourself a bit upwards, and boost into the stream. You’ll quickly latch onto the air current and be swept away. As you fly, you can safely perform flips and manuevers without the fear of falling. Once you are ready to land the trick, level yourself.

Exiting the Slipstream can be difficult due to the stickiness of the current. Point the end of your board at the tube’s wall and boost directly out. Be careful not to flip as you do so or you might fail your trick point streak.

With this method, the challenge becomes trivial. 250,000 points might have been a hard task back in the Shopping Cart days, but no longer. For completing the challenge, you’ll unlock the Surfstick Spray.

Surfstick Spray – 14 Days of Summer

Previous 14 Days of Summer Fortnite Challenges

For those that have yet to complete the other daily challenges, we’ve got you. Most of the 14 Days challenges require you to search out newly added locations which can be hard to find without a map. Each guide below features detailed information on these locations, so you can get back to playing “real” Fortnite.

As 14 Days is getting closer to its close, a new event already looms on the horizon. Where summer brings light, the Stranger Things event will bring darkness from the Upside-Down. The first teasers for the event have already begun to appear in-game.

For us at FortniteINTEL, 14 Days delivers just what we want to see from our favorite BR game. We’d like to know how you are enjoying the experience as well. Tell us about your thoughts on the summer event in the comment below.